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@csl316:I didn't think of that. I should have made a Massive Grenade.

@katpottz: Thanks, I appreciate it. I agree, if I had more time, I think more details would have made it even better, but I needed to move on from this project to the next!

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@whitegreyblack:For a 3 minute edit, I like how the teeth turned out. I just didn't think that bomb should have human like teeth. That's a scary thought ,that a Giant Bomb managed to rip out human chompers to use it for his own. But it does work in a twisted way. Thanks for liking my art!

@naoiko: Haha No worries, I love bad puns :D Thanks for the complement!

@nightriff: Thanks! It would be awesome if they updated the Bombcast image to this!

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Hey everybody! I wanted to show my appreciation to Giant Bomb by drawing and editing a vector illustration! It's an evil Giant Bomb! I'm trying to get back into doing some vector art and was thinking, what better way to get back into it by drawing things I love! So to Giant Bomb, this is for you!

If anybody has any comments on helping me get even better, please let me know! C+C encouraged! Thanks!

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Steam Name: Pengin

Location: CT-USA

Experience: Few bot on bot matches

Roles: Feeding, possibly support.

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Hey everyone. I've been interested in DOTA since Brad streamed the daily DOTA. The Invitational got me hooked even more so I tried out the tutorials. Man, it is pretty boring. I feel like I'm not really learning much other than learning the barebone basics. I need a crash course on warding, when to buy items, and a bunch of other advance lessons on how not to suck at DOTA2. I've been trying to read up on Purge Gamers' "Welcome to Dota, You Suck" article which has a lot of great tips, but I feel like the best way to learn how to play is to play with a posse.

If you have the time and patience to help me not suck at DOTA as bad as I do today, hit me up on steam! My steam ID is Yeah! PCE PCE or you can just add me from my steam profile: steamcommunity.com/id/pppoet.

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new xcom and FE: awakening