GOTY 2012

I haven't done a personal top ten game of the year list since 2009. Lately, its been tough trying to manage time for school work and video gaming. Because my interest in console gaming has dwindled through the years, I've manage to save money for a pretty decent gaming desktop. So most of the games on this list I played on the PC. I wish I could fit ten games on this list, but like I said, trying to focus on graduating limited my gaming time. But enough about me, here's my opinion on the Best Games I've Played in 2012

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Posted by Time_Lord

If I had a Vita I would have played persona 4 golden but I don't. Still a good list over all very simalr to mine

Posted by PistolPackinPoet

@Time_Lord: Yeah. I'm going to say P4G is worth owning a Vita. But the price may not tickle your fancy.

Posted by amlabella

Cool list, we have quite a few similarities including the number 1 pick (my first time playing Persona 4).