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@peritus: I wish I could trip balls as hard as you must be right now. Seems like a blast!

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@murdoc_: Her background includes being a programmer for The Sims... Don't be an asshat AND ignorant. Thats a bad combo.

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The article about Hearthstone lost me at:

Without a doubt, Hearthstone is pay-to-win.

Which is simply not true. There is nothing you can buy you can't get to by just playing the game for free. At most it is pay-to-save-time.

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Xbox One seems to be killing it on the launch lineup by comparison to the PS4.

If that Nov 8th launch date rumor holds true I'll be quite pleased.

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@blacklab said:

Your existing Microsoft Points will automatically convert to equivalent real-world currency, and won’t expire until June 1, 2015.

I would love to hear the justification behind 'real-world currency' expiring.

It's just the converted currency. Don't Microsoft Points expire, too? Anything you purchase going forward won't expire. It might be a technical thing? I'm not sure.

I'm sure the converted points to money is still under the same restrictions as the points.

Lets be honest though - If you don't spend the money by 2015 you never intended to in the first place.

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@tehpickle said:

Ah it'll probably still have a minimum funding level. I don't imagine that being a dollar short will be any different to a few points.

I'm still happy to see them ditching the space bucks, in any case.

I've been in the beta - It lets you just make the purchase for any item directly to the card. Even lets you apply any cash in your 'wallet' or whatever they call it to the purchase. No more buying more than needed from what I can tell.

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Any other Bombers playing? This game is pretty great!

XBL: PittaMan

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Cooling down would require me to have gotten excited in the first place. The video buffer to send clips to the internet was the coolest thing there. Bring on the Xbox vNext!

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Is there a way to do this quickly?