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Madoka confirmed for Smash?!

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I don't understand this at all but I think I love it.

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I associate a lot of music to moments in games, glad to see other people do the same. It's weird but it creates such a specific, intense nostalgia and emotion. Really cool stuff.

World of Warcraft's soundtrack being what it is, I listened to a lot of music while playing that, but what I remember most is raiding during Burning Crusade while listening to DJ Tiesto. His jams suited Netherstorm particularly well.

When my friends and I first discovered Dragonforce (yeah, yeah; "studioforce") we were finally digging into Saints Row, and that created some wacky, memorable moments. Glitching out, falling through the pavement and into a bottomless void while Through The Fire and the Flames was especially memorable.

The last real use I got out of the 360 being able to play music through my iPod was when my friend and I played through the original Gears of War on co-op. That one underground Locust-infested level, we had Aretha Franklin blaring, and it was pretty dang great.

The best, most perfect example of this I can think of, though, is Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero" coming on the radio just as I was defeating Dr. Wily in Mega Man: Powered Up while waiting for a haircut at the barbershop. It made the very best victory lap music as the credits rolled. I grinned from ear-to-ear; everybody else in the shop probably thought I was insane.

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This has my seal of approval.

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Gosh this makes me incredibly sad. But you're doing it for the right reasons. Hope your baby grows up great, best of luck to you.

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Yo this owns.

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Not to be a "um ACTUALLY" Internet douchebag, but the Game Informer reveal says it's set during Christmas Eve and not New Years Eve, which IMO way cooler (see: Die Hard, Gremlins).

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Good luck Sara! Hope the move goes well.

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Dig deeper into Gabe Newell.

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@Jolt92: Oh gosh yes, this.

I really hope this means he's going back to comics, that dude can draw some great funny books. His Avenging Spider-Man issues were soooooo great.

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