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I wish Vandal Hearts was available, that was always my fondest SRPG back in the day.

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Congrats! Whilst I couldn't wholeheartedly recommend the Vita to anyone I am very fond of mine, though I mainly just use in as a retro machine to play PSOne and PSP games.

The only Vita games that has managed to grab me has been P4 (obviously), and DJMax Technika Tune, which I would highly recommend if you like Rhythm games and can find a copy.

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Nah, spend that cash on an Ouya, a Fire TV and a Shield instead, the holy trinity of current gen systems.

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Definitely a great moment, but still not as good as SSTH when Pierce had to sing on stage. That had me literally ROFL.

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A few times to desktop, one time it rebooted my machine and it lost my overclock and couldn't read 6GB of my 12GB ram, I had to manually reinstall them!!!

Strangely though, I've left the CPU at stock since then and it seems to run smoother and more stable.

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This sucks so hard... Bombcast will not be the same without you Ryan. Rest in peace. X

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The whole "unplayable" notion is a bit hyperbolic, but I totally get the sentiment. I've always been a console guy but have found gaming on my PC infinitely more enjoyable in the last 2-3 years, so much so I ended up building a new machine and unplugging my consoles for good.

The real turning point for me was Skyrim.

I originally bought it for the 360 as it was my go to platform. I played it for 20 hours and really struggled with it. It wasn't until I haphazardly bought it on my PC on a steam sale that I felt like I was actually playing the game. It wasn't just the graphics (even though the boost in fidelity was significant), but the load times. Instead of walking into a room and waiting for what seemed like 20 seconds, on PC it was almost instant. This changed the game for me and made Skyrim a pure unadulterated pleasure.

I get why it pisses people off when a PC guy is all like "f*** dem consoles", but to be honest, f*** dem consoles. The imminent next gen is the first gen where I don't buy anything, as oppose to everything.

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Well, all that matters is you enjoy your time with it, regardless of the game.

Though I only tend to reply arcade style games that are mainly mechanics based, like puzzles, fighters and shumups. I find it really hard to go through massive narrative based games that demand a lot of time, I just get bored half way through.

This generation I've probably replayed geometry wars and l4d more than anything else.

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Despite not being able to walk around I still think P3P is the best version, the fast travel makes it so much snappier, and being able to control everyone in battle is nothing short of a god send.

I also think the Persona format is just very well suited to a hand held, playing in short burst is much more enjoyable for me.

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Farewell Game, can't say I'm going to miss your trade-in prices...