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It's happening! Nintendo pinball tables!

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The GTA V torture scene is such blatant satire and criticism of the practice of government-sanctioned torture, I don't know how anyone could possibly think it's in there "just for fun". It doesn't ask the player to decide whether it's a good or bad practice. It is a completely anti-torture, pro-human rights statement.

Observations in spoiler text:

1 - The prisoner is a completely innocent person. Of course the player should be sympathetic to him.

2 - The perpetrators are shallow government scumbags who just want to advance their careers. They even let their buddy come in and abuse the prisoner for fun. These guys are not heroes protecting freedom.

3 - The results of the torture lead to useless information and a very bad outcome: the killing of a philanthropist (a good guy) based primarily on superficial racial profiling.

4 - Afterwards, during the drive to the airport, Trevor consoles the victim and lectures about the evils of government agencies run amok.

So can we stop pretending the intent of the torture scene is somehow unclear?

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@nilazz said:

Free aim, warming up for GTA Online!

Is it confirmed that GTA Online will disable lock-on/auto-aim? That would be a good design choice, I think.

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@pyrodactyl: I had the same outcome. I was hoping it would get me some kind of contact related to the radio tower, but I just knocked out the security guard and she ran off.

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Good article but I just can't believe that a financial institution would ever abuse the power they have over their customers.

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At this time no one has written anything about the technical performance of the PS3 version. As someone with both systems, I'd like to have some kind of comparison, even if it's just a reviewer saying "they're the same".

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I don't really care about review scores except as purchasing advise, but I find the phenomenon surrounding them interesting. Polygon's 7.5 for Last of Us is so weirdly anomalous, I can't help but look for a hidden motivation, like a deliberate attempt to translate fanboy outrage into more page views. Or maybe something more benign, like broadcast to the world how much integrity you have by not feeding into the hype machine.

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It's a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the fact that two people can't play different games simultaneously means this isn't a big deal at all. You can already accomplish this by sharing your account/password with a family member.

All this does is reduce the risk of having your account hijacked by someone you shared your password with, while also letting Valve mine you for more marketing data.

I just read Valve's post, and it's strange that they're talking about "Share your computer", rather than "share your games/account". Seems weirdly ambiguous.

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@fredchuckdave: Pretty sure it makes as much or more sense in this universe as it does in any other game. Make it have objectives like going out and scavenging items to return to a base. Avoid or fight infected and rival hunters, etc. Could be awesome.

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I need to check this out. I found the lack of structured objectives in the original modes to be pretty boring.

Really hope the DLC is at least revealed soon (and that it has a co-op vs AI survival mode).