Atelier Rorona Finished! Quick Rant!

For me, Atelier Rorona was the video game equivalent of curling up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a cozy fire on a winter's night. It was so comforting; so welcome, that I couldn't help but feel completely relaxed and content. Maybe the package was laced with osmosis-triggered morphine or something, I don't know. Looking at the review scores online I can help but ask myself -- "Am I crazy or is everyone else?" 
While most give it around a 7, I'd be hard-pressed to go below anything less than a high 9. Not that scores matter, and I realize my tastes far differ from the norm, but goddamn, anyone who doesn't enjoy the humor or the gentle ebb and flow of the game must have no soul.  
I totally just realized what this game is... 
Atelier Rorona is Aria in game form. @.@ Hooooooly shit.  

Mind blooooooown 
Wow.... how did I not realize that sooner?! The similarities are uncanny. Well, that totally explains everything, considering Aria is my absolute favorite anime of all time. 
Sure, Aria is not for everyone, but I absolutely adore it. It's the story of a young woman who is learning to be an Undine (otherwise known as a Gondolier) in a shop considering of basically just her, her teacher and a cat. There's no conflict; no antagonist; the main character, Akari, suffers no internal struggle, she's just a really friendly person new to the area out to follow her dream and make friends. 
And that pretty much sums Rorona up perfectly, too! Cept replace Gondolier with Alchemist, the cat with a homunculus, and the President's super hero antics with Rorona's obsession with pie (speaking of which, my hand-in for the final project was totally a pie made out of gold). Rorona has no "final boss", the final assignment is literally ,"Make us whatever you want to make." (hence why I obviously made them a pie out of solid gold).
Wow, no wonder I fell in love with this game so easily... I'm seriously blown away by the fact that it is my video game equivalent of Aria.