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Woo Soul Blazer!

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Not sure what game you were playing, but the enemy scaling has hard caps. If you grind to the point where you can drain spells like Blizzaga and Haste from the enemies right outside of the first school, you can literally one-shot bosses for most of the game. Trash mobs offer little more than that in the way of resistance.

Don't get me wrong -- I enjoyed the combat system, but it was broken as all hell in the way it could be exploited so easily and so early. I think the greatest drawback the draw system had, in my view, was that it actively punishes you for using the good spells. By that I mean, why use a spell that you've attached to a stat when it means you'll take a hit to said stat unless you go and draw more of that spell again. Besides, when you had those good spells bound to attack damage, there was little reason to use anything besides auto-attacks. And I'm fairly certain no one will contend the fact that -- whether you enjoy it or not -- drawing 100 of a spell is pure busy work and could have been implemented better.

If you're looking for another unique and enjoyable turn-based combat system, I'd suggest giving Mana Khemia (or Mana Khemia 2) a go. Super niche title that most have probably never heard of, let alone played, but the system feels almost akin to Marvel vs Capcom fighting games in a way, where you build up meter and then unleash super combos and then do tag in hyper combos which can then lead into full team combos. It always felt incredibly gratifying and fun.

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Yo, video games.

/posting in a KaosAngel thread cause it seemed like a good idea at the time(?)

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@orlandodoom said:

I love GB and I understand the tribulations that come with a redesign/launch, but I pay money each month to access their content, and well, I can't half the time.

I don't want a refund or anything because I genuinely want to support the Bombers, but some sort of something should be in order.

While it is true that you couldn't access the site for a while, you're getting an ALL NEW site. Furthermore, it's like $5 a month or something, I don't even remember because I am a yearly subscriber. That's a tenth of a new game - a game you'll, if you're anything like me, play less than the amount of time you're on GiantBomb.

tl;dr: All new site, $5 is nothing. Deal with it. :)

What a terrible argument.

Would you seriously apply this logic to anything else? "Hey, that meal you paid for was only $10. Who cares if it's shitty? It's not even close to the price of a bad video game. Just deal with it."

No, you wouldn't because that would be insane. Just because -you- have not set a bar of expectation for a product you're purchasing, does not mean others cannot do so. You're perfectly within your right to purchase something with the sole intent of "helping them out", but you cannot expect others to use the same reasoning when purchasing a product.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to claim the OP's argument is valid (or not), I just abhor this sort of, "It's only $X so just deal with it, durr!" argument. It's asinine and promotes an under-performing and underwhelming business model. You know, like 'As Seen on TV' crap -- They fully expect you not to return those shitty products for that "guaranteed lifetime refund" because they know the customer will conclude, "It was only $7.99 so it's not worth my time."

Do you really want to be using scumbag marketing logic as justification for Giant Bomb's subscription?

Giant Bomb is not a charity; it's a business. As noble a cause as giving them money because you want to help them out is, they are still expected to provide a service that justifies the price they're asking for. While you're certainly entitled to have no bar of expectation when purchasing a subscription, others are equally entitled to actually expect content worth their money.

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I am in agreement with you 100%. Honestly, the new profile page just feels like a cluttered mess that -- as you said -- compromises functionality for style. Good to hear Dave has at least acknowledged the issue. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with as a solution.

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Well this post was absolutely necessary and could not have been sent as a suggestion via PM or Twitter or whatever.

Ohhhhh, I get it. You knew there'd be no chance of having any attention paid to it via those options, so you figured, "At least other users will see my inane complaint." Am I right or am I right?

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@Alekss said:

@Animasta said:

@Alekss said:

@Animasta said:

but hey unjustified resentment is cool too!

Are you saying I have unjustified resentment? I have many reasons to dislike him. I don't start attacking him tho...

you just insinuated that Patrick places all the blame on people not liking him on other people when he is well aware of his faults, because people like you tell him constantly, and he is perfectly humble about it (I know this because I've read his twitter/formspring/tumblr/whatever)

all of them have faults, but none of them are brought up as much as Patrick's are.

And I think he does. I am convinced he believes that the reason people disagreed with him on the sexism subject is because they are imature and sexist, but he will never say that. Some people were obviously imature in the way they reacted but not all of them.

Also, his sharp whine he does when he gets excited in the middle of a quick look pierces thru my ears.

It's 'immature', not 'imature'. Just saying you might wanna actually know how to spell something (or at least learn how to use the in-browser spellchecker) before you call someone out for it. Otherwise, you look like an uneducated twat whose argument shouldn't be taken seriously.

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@Bucketdeth said:

I'm just tired of quicklooks (and Patrick) in general, the only interesting piece of content lately has been the Unprofessional Fridays. What happened to the produced content like TANG or even video reviews? Everything seems to be live or just done on spot, I used to watch almost everything and be excited for new content, not so much anymore.

I hate to say it, but I feel much the same. A general sense of apathy towards the content of late led me to cancel my subscription and adopt the attitude of "I'll just resubscribe for a month when there's enough Jar videos and other paid content that piques my interest". I guess that makes me sound like an entitled ass to some extent, but hey, I was paying for content. What would someone expect me to say if I feel like I didn't get my money's worth? Regardless, I've sort of moved on when it comes to video content. TotalBiscuit's WTF is... series generally does a better job of answering all the questions I have about new titles, for example. A bit ironic, I suppose, considering that series was directly inspired by the Quicklooks and has now eclipsed them.

At least there'll always be the Bombcast.... right?

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@ArtisanBreads said:

Why do people keep saying everyone here is hating on Borderlands? Yeah lol we only don't like Tiny Tina cause Jeff.

We just don't like her and/or the humor. The game is fine, I didn't enjoy it but I see why people do. I just think the writing was awful.

"I didn't hate on the game as a whole, so obviously no one did." Come on duder, didja read what anyone else said? I stopped after the second page and there was already a good number of "Borderlands 2's writing suuuucked" or "Borderlands 1 was better" comments. Maybe not yours, personally -- which is great; good on ya! -- but they were there. Maybe the tone suddenly changed after the first couple pages, but that's a moot point considering I pointed out my perspective from the get go.

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Does a bow and arrow count? I've used one of those before! And by used I mean "Attempted to use properly". I wasn't very good, though; kind of pitiful, actually. I should have joined archery club in my youth. That woulda been cool. But my parents were all like, "That's a big N-O, hun. Now go back to your other sports. Or why not go fall off the trampoline and onto your head, again, instead?" Sheesh, parents! Well, I never actually vocally asked if I could join archery club, but they should have known telepathically! Parents are supposed to be able to know those sorts of things instinctively... right?