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No custom hairstyles, no sale!

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@PixelPrinny: Whoa, so the full previous game is in Agarest Zero along with the new stuff in Zero?

Pretty much. Basically all you're missing are the random encounter dungeons and fluff battles (ie battles in between areas you travel to where you just fight trash monsters). You also don't get every single character from the first game to use in Zero, but you get all of the heroes and heroines. You can get some of the less important characters as paid DLC, but there's really no point considering the sheer number of characters you get to use for free. But you can play through the entire story and see pretty much all of the events (though it hooks the protagonist up with the canon romance choice for each generation).

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@TruthTellah: NO, I do not recommend getting it. It is like some one took a PS1 game and ported it to the Xbox360/Ps3. Same un-updated gameplay ideas, and un-updated graphics.

Yeah, I got that impression, as well. Fortunately, I never bought the collector's edition like that.

What surprises me is the fact that I usually only ever hear Agarest War in glowing terms online, but I think that may just be that most people with discerning taste will have avoided it in the first place.

As someone who liked Agarest War as a guilty pleasure, I am more than happy to tell the world the game is really bad... Whoever thought random encounter dungeons in a strategy RPG was a good idea was fucking insane. The combat is fun, but the difficulty curve takes an insane jump around generation 4. The item systems are super cluttered and confusing, the story is bad, the wedding things are facepalm inducing... but for some reason, I still kinda liked the game. The characters were pretty cool (save for the one emo protagonist who I just wanted to punch in the face) and like I said, the combat was fun.

That being said, Agarest Zero is the game to get for people who are really curious to actually try the series -- it comes with Agarest War 1 right in there (and lets you skip all the random battles., just do the boss fights, and recruit most of the main characters from it to use in Zero's story if you want), it gets rid of the shitty dungeons and random encounters, lowers the difficulty curve significantly and streamlines some things. It's still not a great game, but leaps and bounds better than the first one.

Agarest 2 is out in a few months and apparently the combat has been completely overhauled. Not sure what else has seen changes but I dug Zero enough that I'm gonna give 2 a chance and see how it is.

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I might get this. I've never played an Atelier game before, so this might be a good place to start.

How have you never played an Atelier game before? o.O

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listen guy, animes NEVER AGE. it is rule 1.

I think that can really be broadened to video games in general. But for some reason it's more noticeable in a game like Atelier Totori as opposed to something like Skyrim (which also has a calendar and you can literally just stand in the street and fast forward through 5 years worth of time if you want) due to the fact the story revolves around the passage of time.... I dunno. It'd just be cool if a game actually addressed the passage of time for once.

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I can't wait for Meruru, though I'm happy with the standard edition. $15 for a tiny artbook and partial OST like the previous special editions isn't worth it for me. The Barrel! T-Shirt is a cute touch, although only long time fans of Gust's games will really get the reference (though I spose that is exactly who a special edition would appeal to most lol)

I doubt the series will see some of the big changes it needs to the passage of time system (seriously, 5 years pass in Totori and no one looks a day older or says anything different >.>) in this installment, but I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun nonetheless. :D

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Yeah... so remember when just like 3 days ago someone made a "Recommend RPGs here!" thread and I said "Oh hey, its another one of these. Why does everyone feel the need to make one of these yet are too lazy to read any of the previous ones created?" and I suggested maybe we should sticky some such thread so people might actually one day read one of them rather than just creating their own again and again and again? Yeah... about that...

But whatever. Good luck finding an RPG that suits your personal needs or whatever it is your looking for but couldn't be found in the previous 1,000 "recommend me an RPG" threads we already have.

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Welcome to the forums~

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Tales of Graces F would take my top spot so far. Journey would be second. I haven't finished Xenoblade yet, but I can safely say that will be in my top three if it doesn't outright kick Graces from the #1 spot (which it probably will, despite how much I loved Graces) .

I wish I could say SFxT was up there, but it's been such a mess in so many ways =/

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Welcome to the forums :)

I think what you did was fine, really. They didn't have to follow you to everything you showed them if they wanted to experience it on their own. I actually played the game offline my first playthrough specifically for that reason, so had that been their desire, they could have easily done the same or just ignored you or any other people they came across online,