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Random name drop!

I should prolly try playing through Xenoblade again. It's not fair to it that I finished Last Story but put Xenoblade on the back burner when it's the superior game. But goddamn is the single-player MMO feeling ever strong in that one.

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Because you didn't get a category, right? Next year, I guess.

No. Why would I get a category? It's not like I read most of your blogs anyways, silly.

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I disagree with all of your choices. All of them!

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Glad I got my copy on release. This is definitely a major downfall of physical media, games becoming rare and super expensive. I'd say get the game while it's still only 20$ over retail. It's a great game and it's incredibly long.

Where are you seeing it that it costs $20? The game has never been under $50 anywhere I've looked.

Also, Nintendo used to sell the game directly through their own website, but it appears that option is no longer available.

I said 20$ OVER retail. Not that it was 20$.

You have words in the wrong order. If you want to say what you mean, it's that the game costs over $20 at retail. If you say it costs $20 over retail, it makes it sound that the game costs $20.

For what it's worth, I read "$20 over retail" as a shorthand for "$20 over the retail price." "Over $20 at retail" would mean "more than $20," which I don't think is what he meant.

Uh yeah, I took it that way too. Hal's taking the crazy pills atm :P

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Married Lydia in Skyrim because she was the only character I felt had at least a (very loose) semblance of a relationship with my character. Sure our conversations amounted to little more than "I am swooorn to carry your burdens, siiiigh" when I was giving her armor to wear, and "Oh look, a cave. I wonder what's inside." AFTER we had just explored it, but the connection was there. It was real! I'm not delusional! Shut up! You're not my real mom!

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Good write-up :) I'm going to hafta check out Cinders; I'd never heard about it before now.

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Journey and Dishonored for sure.

Your icon is of Chu-Chu during the crucifixion scene... That's pretty awesome. XD

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Dust an Elysian Tale

This. Here's hoping it sees a PC release some day.

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@pw2566ch: You can run games on it too, they just have to be your copy of the game. Fair use, yadda yadda. It's not illegal to say, use your Wii to rip your copy of Skyward Sword to a flash stick and then emulate the game on your PC.

You don't even need to rip the game. Dolphin can run the game from the PC DVD drive.

Not really. Unless you have a very specific DVD drive in your PC they won't be able to read WII games straight off the disc in Dolphin. MOst modern DVD drives can't read Wii discs properly.

I can attest to this. I tried playing my copies of Last Story and Xenoblade on Dolphin for the better AA and resolutions than the Wii has and it was a no go cause my DVD drive was like "Pfft Wii discs? What are those?" :(

However, PCSX2 is running my copy of Dark Cloud 2 just great, looks all crisp and purty; better than it does natively on the PS2. And the best part about it is save states. Delicious save states. Mmmmm.... Oh and turbo mode. I wish all RPGs had a turbo mode feature to alleviate some of the grinding. That'd be so nice.

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I haven't played them, so I can't speak for myself, but my brother is amazing at them, sooo I'mma hafta disagree with you on the whole, "it's hard to survive / get killstreaks" thing. He wrecks people consistently; it's not just a stroke of luck, there's definitely skill involved.