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@PixelPrinny: I'd like to debate this more, but I've unfortunately aggravated a neck injury and can't stay at my computer for long. So I'll try to make this quick:

It didn't feel like Syrenne did a 180 on me. I also had no problems with what the Outsider is, as I felt that the game did a fair enough job of explaining what it is, where it came from, and how to get it to leave. It's not a Deus ex Machina; it doesn't come flying out of the sky to resolve everyone's problems at the last possible second.

Being a MacGuffin would imply that Calista ever loses story importance, which she doesn't. She's important to Zael right up through the end.

I never found the combat that difficult, either, but it also wasn't furstrating nor was it dull. I did use similar strategies for a lot of battles, but TLS isn't a tactical RPG; it's an RPG with tactical elements that sometimes come into play more than others. When I faced the final boss, I did have to fight him twice, but the time I died was my fault for doing something stupid. The second time, I defeated him without too much trouble (his final form presented the real challenge), but then, I don't know what my levels were compared to yours. I always made use of the summon circles and by the end, Zael was around level 68 while everyone else was in the low 60s.

So no, I can't really call it a bad game, and you can't really convince me that it is, either. I know you don't like it, but I do, and if I were to review it, I'd obviously just give it a better one that you would. Yeah, the game has its flaws around the sidequesting (though I never had trouble finding the red flags; they always seemed to be just about right where I was when an announcement is made) and never did much with the item trading, either. It could have had a larger world, more dungeons, and so on, but I'm happy with what's there. I'd also be happy if there was a sequel that expanded on everything, but as it stands, I enjoyed it, and not in any ironic "liking a bad game" sense.

Being a MacGuffin implies no such thing. Where would you get that idea? The whole plot of many stories relies on such things being important to the story all the way until the end. Her importance after you finally rescue her amounts to just being there to open doors. In other words, she's a key who just happens to be romantically interested in the hero.

As for the Outsider stuff, you and VGK have been debating that already so I won't beat a dead horse. Suffice to say, I'm on his side ;P

So I can't convince you otherwise, huh? Shucks. :P Not to worry though, I shant lose sleep over it and I doubt you shall either!

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Wow, Galarians. There's a game I haven't played in a long time. I remember renting it, finishing it relatively quickly (it's 3 or 4 discs, isn't it?) and taking it back, quickly forgetting the entire story shortly after.... isn't it sorta like Akira with psychic kids being experimented on or whatever, with some resident evil puzzle work thrown in? Haha, I didn't even remember about that whole AI plot going on.

I should prolly give it another go one of these days. Certainly doubt it'd take long to play through again.

As for the other game, I stopped reading at the word 'Sonic' :P

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Except it isn't a bad game. Syrenne's feelings for Lowell were demonstrated to grow, or at least be more surfaced, over the course of the game, particularly in the last hours. And he doesn't resurrect out of nowhere; it's by the remaining power of the Outsider that Dagran had controlled. And as for not knowing what Dagran was planning, well, it was evident through a large portion of the game that he was up to something, and he was keeping that something hidden from everyone.

As for Calista being a damsel in distress, that really goes back and forth. There are times when Zael helps Calista, there are times when Calista helps Zael, and there are times when they help each other. Her being on the box cover is more a sign of her importance to the narrative overall and her relationship to the protagonist; it doesn't correlate to the amount of time she's actually part of the party. Jirall is a dipshit, tried setting up Zael, ended up getting framed himself, and driven bugfuck crazy by his imprisonment just gets used as a tool to try and off Zael so that Zangurak doesn't have to deal with him. It could be argued that by the time Zangurak offered him that power, Jirall was already dead inside anyway because finishing Zael was all he could think about.

I guess I didn't notice the massive framerate drops you complained about, so don't know what to say there. Or maybe I did and they just didn't bother me that much. Whatever. The camera certainly didn't bother me, I know that. And when the enemy's strategy consisted of one-shot kills, I just adjusted accordingly. I was down to my last life in the final boss battle because the boss went into KILL NOW mode, so I just hung back and was able to use party tactics to get him down to do a lot of the remaining damage before finishing him off. I actually made pretty good use of the terrain where I could. Sometimes I got some nice surprise assaults, sometimes I fucked up and I had a clusterfuck of a melee on my hands. In both cases, it was a lot of fun.

When I say it's a Sakaguchi RPG, I speak mostly from the perspective of the tropes it employs. The giant-ass island cannon (Final Fantasy VII, much?), the romance between the leads, the focus on a core group of characters rather than wider conflict, and the at-times goofy nature of the characters and plot (the random nutshot, the intentionally hokey haunted house). I use the term not as a defense, but as shorthand for describing the feel of the game to me. Not that I really feel it needs defending because I enjoyed it. But yeah, different strokes for different folks and all that. I'd love it if he could find a publisher to work with on another large RPG and get away from the smaller mobile development Mistwalker has been doing, but all the same, The Last Story leaves me with nothing to really complain about.

I, too, liked the chemistry between Syrenne and Lowell all the way up till the point she did a 180 personality switch and was all like "I JUST CANT GO ON NOW THAT HE'S GONE WAAAAAA" literally seconds after telling Zael that he needs to be strong and move on from the loss of his best friend. "We're all behind you, Zael! Wait scratch that. Leave me behind cause I just can't live life without this guy who I have feelings for, waaaaauuuuuugh!" Fuck oooooffffff, writers. The character you developed up until that point just wouldn't do that. She'd be fucking pissed he was dead; she'd want to rip peoples faces off in a drunk stupor, but she wouldn't just break down and give up because he's gone.

Oh right, the Outsider. That big giant Deus ex Machina that made nearly no sense. I kinda forgot about that, cause it was generic final act Final Fantasy bullshit used to explain whatever needed explaining. Something about meteors and alien life and casting some spell to bring them back together so they could fly off into space.... On the bright side, the Outsider in Dishonored was cool, so yay for that!

"Sign of her importance to the narrative" is a polite way of calling her a MacGuffin for most of the story, which is exactly my point. Yes, there were a couple of times she actually did something of importance, but for most of the story you were either chasing after her and trying to save her, or she had little to add in the way of conversation or importance beyond standing beside Zael when they needed to open a magical door. She interacted in very few conversations in the later half of the game (when you finally get her again) while Syrenne and Lowell provided plenty of banter.

It doesn't take a whole lot for me to get all gushy over romantic stories. I looooove them. So the last thing on my mind when a game makes an attempt at such a thing is to approach it critically and try to find flaws. Unfortunately, with Last Story, I just found myself uninvested in their relationship due to a lack of development between the two characters. The wedding scene only managed to bring a weak smile to my face, which really sucks for someone like me. It should have made more of an impact on me had the relationship been developed better. =/ S

Don't get me wrong about the one-shot-kill strategy. The combat was never hard. Just frustrating and dull. Every battle employed the same strategy for me (with the exception of mr best friend turned traitor which had a wooonderful level minimum. Tried taking him on at a level or two below what the game expects you to be and 40 minutes later I was still fighting his phase 2, wondering how long this friggin battle would take. I guessed that maybe I was under that level minimum, reset, grinded for a bit, and went at him two levels higher than I attempted to before. Lo and behold, he died in less than 5 minutes. Awesome.)

How bout this -- It's a bad game with heart. :D I never felt like the game was a chore and it had plenty of potential and some nice little things that kept me interested (like Syrenne and Lowells banter). But there were a lot of issues that I just felt could have been handled better, from small things like tracking quests (why is there no way to tell which NPC asked you to fetch what items and where they are) or where the red flag vendors actually are at any given time when they spam your screen with "Fresh Pumpkins 40 gold each!" and you just hafta search around blindly to find them in the area; to larger things like the combat, the story, or the lack of locations (eg. you visit the same couple of dungeons 3-4 times throughout the story)

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@Hailinel: Mark of the Ninja is on PC~ 25% off atm on Steam, but that'll drop lower when it hits a daily sale as it did back during Thanksgiving.

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Ohh interesting to see Hakuoki on there. I enjoyed that.

I should get back to Xenoblade one of these days. My interest in it fizzled out around the place with all those floating islands in the lake and modernish city. It just started feeling too "single-player MMO" for me at the time, with so many side-quests, that I burned out on it.

The Last Story... hehehe.

P4A would prolly get a special mention on my list just for Elizabeth's ending, alone. I never did stick with it after finishing the story though; went back to SFxT (which I admit is an inferior game in nearly ever respect, but I just like the fighting and characters a whole lot more *shrugs*)

And the rest... I haven't played so I have nothing to say about those. Although interesting to see Double Dragon on there. Did you play Dust: An Elysian Tale or Mark of the Ninja this year?

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@Video_Game_King said:


Well, your opinion is shit, which is like poo, but worse. Now I'm wondering where turd and excrement land on that scale.

Given that your opinion makes you a turd burglar, I'd say worse. :P

...This conversation is going nowhere at this rate.

In all honesty, I pretty much disagree with you on the game entirely. Is the story predictable? Yeah, it is a bit, in that it uses a number of tropes that have shown up in past Sakaguchi storylines, but I don't really mind that at all because it's been an age since I played a Sakaguchi RPG. I love the characters and their interactions, and given the game's relatively short length for an RPG, I don't mind the pacing, either. I just felt compelled to keep moving further into the story and enjoyed it all along the way. And I felt that combat was really fun; I played it with the Classic Controller Pro with attacking set to manual, and it was fun the whole way through.

Is the game flawless? No. But I'd say it's far better than you give it credit for.

It's okay to like bad things. I like Agarest War Zero, after all. But let's call a spade a spade, here. Last Story's, well, story, is ridiculous. From forcing whats her face (the lush; I forget all their names now cause why would I remember, pssh!) to suddenly break down and cry when what's his face supposedly dies, to how he just resurrects outta nowhere cause the childhood friend of yours who OF COURSE betrayed you and you knew nothing about his plans after like being his partner for over a decade magically brings him back to life (lolwut?) to how much of a pointless damsel in distress the main heroine was for most of the game (I was expecting more from a character who was plastered all over the promo art and box cover) to how predictably nutty the guy she was betrothed to was (and naturally he went insane and the big bad king went all Grahf on him and was like "Do you desire the power?" with predictable results). Run-on sentences are fun!

I, too, set the combat to manual and used a classic controller pro. This does not stop the massive frame rate drops in some monster rooms or the poor camera angles at times or the fact that most enemies strategies consisted of one hit kills. Combat was fun when you got to actually plan things out and use the terrain to your advantage. This happened very little.

Just because it's a "Sakaguchi RPG" doesn't mean it should get a free pass for being mediocre at best. But again, different strokes for different folks, and that's good that you enjoyed it. Personally, I think Sakaguchi is capable of much better and I hope to see that belief confirmed in the future. Sadly, I couldn't say the same of Agarest War. Those games are never gonna get good XD

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@PixelPrinny: there are no aliens in japanese games wtf you about mate



I saved the planet from an alien invasion, I did! At least I think I did. I fought some weird tower things cause some dude named Roswell told me that we were being invaded by extraterrestrials. I only did a few of the battles before I stopped. It was pretty darn boring and unchallenging (if that's even a word).


Final fantasy is cutting edge! It blurs the lines between Japanese games and American games, fusing them to become Jamericanese games.

With aliens.

And sunglasses.

bioware already did that with DA2

game is JRPG as fuck

No wonder it sucked so much then. Trollololololol!


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@PixelPrinny: there are no aliens in japanese games wtf you about mate



I saved the planet from an alien invasion, I did! At least I think I did. I fought some weird tower things cause some dude named Roswell told me that we were being invaded by extraterrestrials. I only did a few of the battles before I stopped. It was pretty darn boring and unchallenging (if that's even a word).


Final fantasy is cutting edge! It blurs the lines between Japanese games and American games, fusing them to become Jamericanese games.

With aliens.

And sunglasses.

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I am still really confused on how this new city got formed; Is it the city on Bhunivelze or whatever the fuck it was, the new cocoon?

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@PixelPrinny: I still think Suikoden III is pretty dope. I got about 90 minutes into Suikoden IV before I was like "no thank you slow sea exploration punctuated by a high encounter rate". As for New Mystery of the Emblem, I think it at least has the benefit of being mechanically solid, something that I would argue Shadow Dragon fails at. It's still unfortunately anchored to its SNES heritage though, which is mostly seen in the boring story and the part where half the characters that join you are straight up useless.

Yeah with the addition of the "characters don't die permanently" option, throwing a million characters at you wasn't really necessary... although I always restart battles where I lose a character in a Fire Emblem game anyhow, cause why the fuck would I want to keep going after losing a character I spent time leveling up? Grrr. It's not like the stories ever acknowledge the loss of these characters in some impactful way (if at all). Oh cept for Shadow Dragon's attempt at those ex missions where you had to pretty much murder most of your party. That was messsssed up.