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Sooo... did you try -calling- them? Or is chat reps the only support they have? Cause call me crazy, but don't people have this exact same problem with like every gaming company ever and the solution is always "Call and talk to a real person instead of talking to a chat rep, durrrr".

Maybe I'm just missing something here.

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My name is PixelPrinny and I approve of this review of The Last Story. Last Story more like.... Worst Story! Yeah! Take that, Mistwalker!

Edit: Oh and your combat sucks too, Last Story! Combat? More like wombat! Hah!

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So you have "Totally bad", "Kinda bad" and "AMAZING" as choices.... what about "It was okay" or "It was good"?

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But I just got a regular Wii that included New Super Mario Bros Wii for $115 last year during the holidays (in Canada, no less)... How is this new thing even remotely close to a better deal? >.> Heck, I imagine Boxing Day / Week sales will see the regular Wii's price dipping below $100 this year.

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Nah. I cried during episode 3 when Kenny had to deal with losing his family, but I was too baffled by the whole 11th hour, "Ohey, all we had to do was smell like zombies and they won't attack us! (and apparently after months of wearing the same clothes while fighting zombies, we don't already smell like them, wait wut?)" twist along with trying to figure out how the fuck the Stranger knew anything about episode 1 ("You let a man die so a pretty girl could live!" What the fuck was that nonsense?!) to feel sentimental by the end. =/

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Xenogears: Perfect Works Edition or Suikoden 6

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@Cloudenvy said:

@Baillie said:

@Beforet: Anime's for jerks.

You're for jerks!

Lolicon sighted! Destroy! Destroy!

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@rebgav said:

@JasonR86 said:

@rebgav said:

@JasonR86 said:

So I can't imagine that anyone didn't pick "I'll miss you." unless they are a monster or were intentionally playing a weird/bad character because come on. Who wouldn't say that to a nine year old girl who's about to be left alone?

That seems like a pretty selfish thing to do, why waste the last moment you have to give advice? Why play on the empathy of someone who is moments from having to shoot you in the head? Why say "I'll miss you" when you're about to die and the other party is going to continue on? Crazy talk!

Because she was nine and we had a good relationship! Gah!

She should not be able to sneak through a town full of zombies while heaving and whining and blowing snot-bubbles. I always viewed Lee's job as being preparing that girl to survive on her own, so I had no compulsion to pick the sentimental option.

This, this, this. I'm not sure how anyone could go into the game expecting Lee to survive it, so from moment one I was like, "Okay, let's focus on preparing Clem for survival cause if anyone in a zombie game is gonna survive, it's gonna be her."

Telling her "I'll miss you" when she needs to get the fuck outta Dodge is not only insane, but incredibly selfish. It's something you'd say to make yourself feel better in your final moments; not to make -her- feel better. Of course you'll miss her! She knows that! Don't be stupid and force her to confront that point when she should be focusing on survival. There'll be time to grieve when she's not smack in the middle of a city infested with zombies.

@Kerned said:

@Sparklykiss: The main reason I had her shoot me is because I was afraid something would happen (Lee would get loose, Clem would come near him, etc.) and she would get hurt. The idea of Clem getting hurt was so much worse than anything else.

Also, this. At first I was like "Killing me would cost her a bullet she could use... but on the other hand, not doing it could come back to haunt her in a much worse way".

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I disagree with your opinion, but I respect your right to have said opinion.

Personally, I felt the illusion of choice was far too apparent and that the whole 'stranger' twist at the end was ridiculous.

Also, I feel there's not enough actual 'game' here to justify it as being 'game of the year'. Perhaps 'Interactive Story of the Year", but for me, personally, I just don't feel like there was enough to it outside of the story for it to have a chance of snagging my personal GotY. But everyone's lists will differ, so to each their own. Yay for diversity!


Ben was a fucking twat that I wanted to ditch the moment I met him and damn the game for forcing me to put up with his bullshit through 3 episodes and then trying to guilt trip me when I finally got to get rid of him. *ahems* Sorry just had to get that out.
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@jakob187 said:

Regardless of the OP's post, seems partially correct in that this is essentially YouTube spam. The OP couldn't been more productive with his thread title to inform people of what they were going to be seeing when they entered the thread. Moreover, he could have provided a more in-depth description of what we were going to see ("this is a video of my friend, who has a degenerative muscular condition, playing Borderlands 2 incredibly well by using his face"). This would've given us all a better idea of what was to come.

At the same time, others throwing out the whole "you shouldn't say 'flag and walk away' because you'll get in trouble" need to chill the hell out about it. This was presented in a way that can very easily be considered a bait thread and YouTube spam. In instances of both, we are expected to...you guessed it...flag and walk away.

So both sides have faults. Deal with it.

As for the video, I always enjoy seeing people overcome their obstacles to do something they want...so long as the thing they want to do isn't, ya know, killing people or something. I actually knew a guy in high school named JJ that was 95% blind but schooled all of us on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. He would have to sit literally with his nose touching the TV to see, but he was incredibly good. It was always fascinating to see how much he would get into it, and the encouragement kept him trying to overcome his ailment in many other ways on a daily basis.

Well said in all regards.