Volcano stage

Super Street Fighter IV got delayed for a week in Scandinavia because of Iceland's volcano.
My instinctive reaction was to preorder the game from amazon.co.uk with priority shipping. The shipping costs are higher than the game itself - awesome!
Edit\ Game arrived in one day, so totally worth it. Now I just need all the costume packs to come out so I can spend more bucketfuls of money in totally justified ways.


More time units

Due to the somewhat disappointing XCOM announcement from 2K, a team of developers called Goldhawk Interactive just unveiled their project Xenonauts ahead of schedule, which looks way more promising as a successor to the original X-Com games.
The few screenshots available actually look pretty nice. Check their website for some info on it!



So people are comparing the negative reactions spawned from 2Ks " XCOM" announcement to the Fallout 3 uproar. The comparison does not hold water.

Fallout 1 and 2 were terrific games due to their setting, writing and roleplaying. Many believed Bethesda weren't up to the task of recreating that, but surely they did a fine job of making it work in first person. It was, after all, possible.

The original X-com games were terrific purely due to their gameplay mechanics, which involved isometric turn-based combat and whole range of features for base and team management. It was not due to a wildly compelling narrative - the gameplay mechanics crafted the story of each playthrough themselves. That's why many believe 2K won't be up to the task of making it work as a first-person shooter. It is, after all, not possible.

Especially not as an FBI agent on a "gripping narrative ride" that "will re-imagine and expand the rich lore of this revered franchise". What lore? Will they flesh out the details on the plasma rifle even further, when I upgrade it through a conveniently placed vending machine?



I wonder if God of War 3 is utilizing some kind of middleware for efficiently generating guts.
If only they had optimized their dodgy double jump technology as well.


Rise and shine, or not.

Risen for the xbox is probably the best game I've played, that constantly tries to convince me that it's horrible and that I shouldn't play it. Between the controls, graphics, animations and the user interface, I'm lead to believe that the ones responsible for this port actually haven't played a game on a console before.
Still doesn't change the fact that beneath all this grime, there's a great roleplaying experience to be had.