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@Cincaid said:

Warms my heart to see Ryan acting like a responsible person, refreshing among the swamp of Interwebs.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure all of us have said quite nasty stuff when frustrated at games...

Agreed Chris, I'm sure the majority of us have had some angry outbursts during our moments of frustration. Ryan unfortunately had an audience during his, and I can understand him wanting to put this out there for all to see.

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I know of 4-5 people who have suffered the same experience on Twitter, plus I saw someone blogging here on Giant Bomb about their own experience with it too - pretty sure they had their account investigated and reinstated inside 3 days, so Microsoft are definitely turning this around quickly.

As for why it's happening? Not sure if there's some way to trade or sell players out of this DLC that seems to be getting purchased all the time, it's really odd.

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Good to see they've turned things around so quickly for you.

It's a shame that this issue has been so widespread - I know of 5 or 6 others who have experienced similar issues, where they've either had points spent or charges on their cards thanks to the FIFA hackers.

I wish Microsoft would tackle this issue head on, rather than just dealing with each incidence of it as it comes along. They're clearly getting issues resolved a lot quicker now compared to when I'd first heard of it's occurence though.

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@MysteriousFawx: Your best bet is to play the free version, see how you like it, then consider shelling out for some of the DLC.

If you're paying for any of the addons using Microsoft Points, you can save yourself a chunk by buying the points online - 2100 points will set you back £14.97 from Amazon UK for example, so that 9200 point sting would set you back around £65 or so, better than the £79.99 they're asking for in the marketplace.

Of course, there are other deals if you don't want to spend so much money and just grab premium civs too - you can nab the two premium civs, plus the booster pack for 3600 points, £25.66 using the Amazon pricing. Not sure how long that launch bundle will stick around though.

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@TaliciaDragonsong: but there's so much E3 goodness to digest, and my other games will start to feel lonely too!

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My characters;

  • Chorlton, Goblin Death Knight
  • Kalysta, Goblin Hunter

My girlfriend CheekieMunky is in there too;

  • Lyriann, Goblin Warrior
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@SythonX7: I've seen you on there a few times. I'm on as Chorlton several times a week, primarily working the AH to scrape together some coin in case the guild takes off. 
Once we can send heirlooms to characters on different servers (fingers crossed for 4.2), I'll probably be on there more too.
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The trailer released yesterday was deliciously over the top, so here's hoping the final release lives up to such a premise. I adored SR2, especially in co-op, so if this can come remotely close to that? Win.
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*nods* I agree, 'tis a shame. I had high hopes for a GB guild that I could take part in. 
I mostly spend my time playing as Alliance, but my guild there has all but fallen apart. I hate the idea of abandoning either guild, and hope that they can both rise from the ashes. 
It's been a while since I saw some of the regulars online :(
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I'm using the embed code to display various Giant Bomb videos in my phpbb forum. I've recently run into problems with this - the posts will show with a blank space for the video, and rather than it show up instantaneously, there's a delay of around 1 minute before the embed actually shows up in the post. 

Has anyone seen this before, and does anyone have any suggestions as to how to rectify this?

I've contacted my ISP and they've just asked for the IP of the media server, but this doesn't appear to be static.