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Credit card on my PSN account has expired now, as I rarely have to put anything into my online wallet.

If you're concerned, look into having a new card issued - so long as it's a relatively quick process and you won't go cold turkey without it for a week or two, get in touch with your bank to give yourself some piece of mind.

I'd never really worried until I got hit by online fraud a few years ago - they bought A FUCKING CAR with my card, and the idiotic retailer let them provide card details over the phone. Despite being covered for this sort of thing, it's still an unpleasant experience. Now I have fraud protection to go along with the usual protection a credit card offers - should the PSN hackers manage to do anything with the information that was at risk, it's an extra safety net. My fraud protection service actually got in touch today asking if myself or any of my family had a PSN account.

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A big welcome to Patrick!

How we receive the news is pretty much dependant upon how much of it we're likely to see - will it wind up being posted onto GB like the stuff is now, or are we likely to see some form of digest version of it? If the latter, I'd love to see something twice a week, and video is always good, so long as knocking out something like that isn't going to be too time consuming in amongst what you already do.

The more reasons I have to come here for my news, instead of elsewhere? The better.

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Hi There...

 My forum used to use phpbb2, and I just had a plugin which allowed me to enter any code between some [html][/html] bbcode tags - this made embedding GB videos really simple, but since it's been migrated to using the latest version of phpbb, things are no longer that simple.

 I can create bbcode in order to allow embedding, and doing this for the likes of YouTube and GameTrailers is really simple.

 Has anyone successfully implemented bbcode for GiantBomb video embedding, or can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Well, I decided to jump in and see what the server is like after all. 
I'm Kalysta, a Goblin Hunter. 
I'll probably make a 2nd character to jump into the guild too at some point, for when I'm not playing along with my other half. 
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Well that's one part of my query answered at least! I want the old WoW armory back, but that's a rant for another forum :)
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My XBOX Live achievements updated earlier today, but my Gamerscore is still wrong and now the number of achievements is wrong. 
GB says my Gamerscore is 180,765, actual Gamerscore is 180,450 -> 315 extra points. 
GB says number of achievements is 7552, actual number of achievements is 7539 -> 13 extra achievements. 
Just noticed that World of Warcraft achievements haven't been updated since 5th December 2010, and it's showing that this was the last time I played the game, when it's been played plenty since then.
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What aspect of play determines the rate at which the guild levels? It's not something I'm really familiar with. 
I've played Alliance characters exclusively for a few years now, but I'd like to branch out into a few Horde characters too. I play on Khadgar, so only used to a Normal server - the idea of being pestered during play seems like an inconvenience I'd rather avoid as opposed to mixing things up and giving WoW life some variety. No idea which server to jump on for my Horde characters, so reading about this guild makes me curious about Defias Brotherhood.
Never really had much luck with guilds in the past, but it would be nice to join an established guild who aren't about to suddenly become a) idiots or b) hardcore elitists.
How have you guys been finding the RPPVP server?
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Hi There... 
I haven't had any achievements show up from XBOX Live for 5 days now, when other users have been updating as per usual. 
Also, looking at my Gamerscore, it shows as 180420, when it's currently 180,310, so it's found an extra 110 points from somewhere. The number of achievements is correct at 7,528 though. 
Can someone look into this on my behalf please? 
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I last saw 360 achievements updated on October 18th. 
Interestingly enough, I had three WoW achievements show up on GB today - two of which I will have got ages ago, one of which I'm pretty sure I don't even have...
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