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Microsoft seem to have been pretty slack for over a month now regarding updating xbox.com with achievement information. I was checking details on Costume Quest whilst playing yesterday, and I could see that I was playing it on xbox.com, but couldn't access an achievement list. Once I'd stopped playing, it didn't show in my list of games at all. 
I've sent a tweet to a few people, see if they're already working on the issue. Just a shame that it seems to be happening more frequently as of late.
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@xyzygy said:

"@DeShawn2ks: Well now that you have the slim you'll notice a huge difference... Have you ever heard of anyone with a Slim that got a Red Ring error? I haven't. At least not in real life where it can actually be proven, not over the internet where trolls abound...  Slims are great, I've had mine for a while and I'm loving the shit out of it. "

My slim console had the red ring equivalent earlier this week actually, or rather a red dot of death - just the centre dot was red, and I got an E70 error, with the same displayed text as in the OP. I tried powering up a few minutes later, and it was fine. Nearly had kittens though, as the new console is a HUGE improvement over all the 360s I've gone through over the years. 
I've had 4 die on me in total. 

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" @PixieNinja I dunno I followed you link and it says at the item is not available in my country :SAlso people stop hating I'm joking about steam bring assholes since I use eir services all the time, but this particular situation was a bit of a bummer :("

Checking on your profile, you say you're from Moscow? I've seen a handful of games that are Russia-specific, same with select German games due to local laws. Perhaps it's the same restriction in this case. 
Have you tried ordering the game online? Is it available from the likes of gamestop.ru? 
Failing that, know of any major retailers that will import the game for you?
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@wealllikepie: Civ V is still up on steam in EU - check out the top sellers list in Steam, or head here.
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So I ask you this - why fight it? 
If it's given you so much in the past, and you're eager to toy with the new stuff it has to offer, why not grab it in December and jump back in? Just approach it with a fresh perspective, and whilst it never really impacted upon the rest of your life as such, just consider the other games you like to experience now too, and don't let it become the one and only game in your life. 
It can all be down to the attitude of the guild you wind up settling with - if you can find one with a relaxed raid schedule that isn't too hardcore, then that might be all you need. If you find yourself craving more, then you just have to weigh up which it is that gives you more enjoyment. Don't let it become like a job, make sure it gives as much as it takes. 
As I mentioned to you over XBOX Live yesterday, I'm in a peculiar place in the game in that my own experiences with WoW are pretty much as a duo alongside my girlfriend. When I first started playing years ago, I hooked up with a guild pretty quickly, but I just couldn't invest the same amount of time as the core members could, and I wasn't solely interested in constantly levelling - I wanted to experience the stories that Azeroth had to offer, and to explore. After a short hiatus from the game, I came back to discover that the guild was no more, and I haven't been in one since, other than signing charters. It's rare for me to come across many people in the game that seem friendly and helpful, and so I miss out on so much that guild play can offer. Perhaps it's just my server, or perhaps I just haven't bumped into the right people. It can feel like a lonely place at times, and I expect it to become even moreso as I push into the late 70s and begin to wonder what my options are. 
But anyway, I digress - this is about you, not me! Go order it, indulge your desires...
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Your work never ceases to amaze me young man. I look forward to paying for your services one of these days, even if I have to wait years for the privilege...
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Me too! Played through the demo, was thoroughly impressed, and so the game arrived through my door today.
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I'm curious to see where you guys head with this one - my girlfriend and I have played casually for years, and are keen to experiment with Goblins at the very least once Cataclysm arrives.
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Don't immediately discount the Wii Sports games, they can be good fun even with just two people. Make sure you give them a chance! 
Not sure what else to add to your list, as covers most things - as for Gamecube games, if you're a Resident Evil fan, it's worth looking out for Resident Evil 0, not to mention there were remakes of both 1 and 2 back when the series was a Gamecube exclusive. 
Here's hoping that life has got a little better for you out there, especially if you're shelling out for a Wii!
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I started with the CE, but have had relatively limited time to put into the game since release. 
I've gone with Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun, starting in Ul'dah. I'd tried a few of the races in the beta, and I'd always been fond of Mithra and Taru's since my days with FFXI, so that was the logical point to start when I began with XIV. I was torn when the game was released, but I just wound up with Miqo'te as I'd rather see more of the outfits and armour, as opposed to little mini versions on the Lalafell :) 
I went with Ul'dah as I liked how impressive the city looked, and the way it was organised. I got a bit sick of Limsa after the closed beta, and whilst Gridania had the best opening story for me, the layout of the city made it hard work to get from A to B. Obviously I still visit those cities, as running to them to touch the crystal for teleportation was one of the first things that I did, but I'll always wind up back in Ul'dah.
I started out as a Pugilist for my main job, and I've dabbled in Goldsmithing too.