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For those Civ players familiar with IV, I was used to being able to streamline my science/gold/culture to generate more of a particular resource. Is there no equivalent in V other than going into each city and either concentrating on a given resource, or just selecting which hexes to work manually until you reach a happy medium?
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My girlfriend and I have had the game for a few days now, but only managed to get in and do some leves this evening. Did the run from Ul'dah to Limsa, but called it a night for now. 
What does your LS logo look like? I'll keep an eye out for you guys when I'm on next.
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I've set up on Cornelia now, heard you shouting on the server just now, recruiting. How many members are you up to so far? 
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@Macros said:

"You can already pay with Click and Buy, the process was simple. "

I agree. I subscribed via credit card on day one, without using the Crysta system. 
ClickandBuy is the only payment option in the EU, but UltimatePay is listed by Square Enix as another way to pay.
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@VicRattlehead said:
"i will prob be on Rabanastre but i think ill wait a few weeks before picking up.... i know this is a stupid question but is it european servers and american servers or are we all bunched together? "

All servers are cross-regional apparently. 
I still have yet to decide on what server to opt for, might poke around other FF fan sites to see who's favouring each different one.
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There's a wide range of games that can get to me - sometimes I can just feel a little ill, others it's really bad, I start sweating a great deal and have to go and lie down, not just a matter of swapping to another game. 
It all started for me with the likes of Ico and Dark Cloud, but anything with a frisky camera or head bob is a definite contender.
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Nice, I think my highest is 99? Doesn't exactly impact on my progression too much...
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@wukong said:
"I was having this problem too. I just installed the latest ATI video drivers, 10.9 released 9/15/10. All artifacts are now gone. If you have an ATI card, try the new drivers. "

I opted for this approach, and the few videos I've tested no longer have artifacting. 
I was only seeing the artifacts whilst streaming the videos - downloading them directly and then viewing them was fine.
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@heatDrive88 said:
"Oh god, where are the rest of the achievement whores to make my S-rank count seem not nearly as bad?"

I'm up to 136 so far if that helps?
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I've seen the same artifacting on numerous videos on the site when I select the HD versions too.