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I'm curious to see what they can do with the control system in order to get it working well with Kinect. I had the previous Steel Battalion games, complete with ridiculously huge controller.
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I have issues with motion sickness within certain games - years back I so wanted to play Ico, Jak & Daxter and Dark Cloud, but just the demos knocked me sick. I eventually got to play them, but I had to be careful. It tends to be camera motion that does it for me, and the speed with which it gets me can vary. Numerous others have bothered me in the years since, but they're the ones that stand out for me as to where it all started. 
I don't think there's been a game that I've given up on as a result though, I just have to be conservative with the amount of time I spend with it.
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No idea what to opt for class-wise, I just want a Goblin! It'll be my first proper Horde character too, as I've only really toyed with them in the past during server outages, and I haven't seen issues like that in a while.
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I'd be nabbing all bar Killzone 3.
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I threw the Halo: Reach video onto a USB stick and it works without any form of conversion. Looks like I'll have to do a bit of work to get things working over my network though - through Windows Media Centre I get audio but no video, and I haven't set up Media Player yet. 
EDIT: Yeah, it's fine once I figured out how to share through WMP12. No conversion required.
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Late 70s, not sure on the exact year - I'd guess perhaps '79?
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I don't think it matters all that much - interestingly enough, there's a speech synthesis concept page on GB, but nothing separate for digitized speech. Berzerk is linked to the speech synthesis concept too. Nothing older than that is linked to the concept.
I can vaguely remember the TI-99/4A, as I wanted one back in the day. No idea why though...
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I've been wondering what the earliest game is that featured digitised speech - anyone got any ideas? 
My first proper game machine was a ZX Spectrum, so I can remember the garbled mutterings of "Meteor Storm" from the game of the same name back in 1982. I can also remember some more ambitious voice work on the C64 from Impossible Mission, back in 1984. 
Anyone know of any oldies that kicked off the novelty of speech?
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New shiny 360S here...