Top Ten Played in 2010

The one thing that stood out for me this year when putting together this list? Just how many good games I've managed to completely overlook. Seems like I have some that I really need to pay attention to from 2010, see if they can make an impact in 2011s list.

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Posted by Cincaid

Surprised to see Mafia 2 and Saboteur so high on someone's top 10 list, guess I should pick them up some day! Interesting list nonetheless, lot of titles I haven't tried myself...above mentioned, and also Lara Croft, Blur, Pac-Man and Enslaved. :)

Posted by PixieNinja

Yeah, both games weren't particularly well received. There was just something about both of them, from story to gameplay. With The Saboteur I thought that Pandemic were just off on various aspects of the game that, given a little more polish, would elevate it into something that would've made people sit up and take notice. I thought it was a worthy swan song for them. Mafia II? I think the setting played a great part in it, as I'd loved the original game. Makes a pleasant change from the other third person action games out there.