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I have a Kindle 3 and so does my wife.  I really like it. 
I have only bought a couple of books from Amazon, most of mine are from elsewhere.  There is a program called Calibre that can convert pretty much anything to a .mobi (which the kindle supports) and you can sideload stuff that way.  You can do it either by emailing to your kindle ( or over usb.  Calibre can also host a web service that you can browse from the kindle and download stuff that way too.
You won't be able to get stuff from Barnes and Noble or Sony's ebook site, but you can get stuff from Fictionwise and Diesel books or any other source you can find.  ePub is the easiest format to convert mobi but pdf and html can also be done. You may have to strip DRM to be able to convert it from some places but that shouldn't be too difficult to figure out.
I have the wifi edition. I thought I would regret it and want the 3g, but really now I think the 3g would be a waste of money.  The browser is so slow that it's not really worth using most of the time.