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I don't know I guess I'll just use it to watch TV and play fantasy football. :p

I pre-ordered PS4, but that was just reactionary. When I see the launch lineup I'll decide if I really need it at launch or not.

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I guess a Friday release was too complicated for retailers. Anyway glad you are enjoying the game and I hope to join you on Friday when my amazon order comes in.

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I want to say I am not going to buy one, but I said the same thing about PS3 and as soon as Valkyria Chronicles came out I caved.

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I thought It wasn't out till Friday.

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ok they are gone. enjoy you four that got them.

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nothing. I canceled and boxed my 360 a month ago.

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I have some codes for xbox gold if anyone wants send me a pm.

2 three month codes

2 one month codes

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I am concerned over loss of ownership of your games. The difference between steam and Xbox is they are not going to put out a steam 2 in a few years and make all my previous games obsolete. If I want to play one of my older PC Games I am confident I can always load up steam reinstall the game and it will be there. That is why I will compromise with steam and not Xbox on those issues. Plus steam sales.

In addition to that being able to loan a game or trade a game with my real life friends is important to me. I have gifted a lot of my extra copies of games I get on steam to them and vice versa. I do not trust Microsoft to give me extra copies of games that I can give out. They can potentially earn that trust but it will take time and consoles have a life cycle.

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Could those graves possibly be related to the war that happened in 1948 between the newly formed Israel and a coalition of Arab states? The bodies from the war had to go somewhere.

Edit: The war is mentioned in the original article.