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Hi Guys,

Just got my XboxOne installed. (Loving it!!!)

Now trying to add the crew to the people i "follow". I found Jeff, but do you Guys now the gamertags of vinny, Brad, Patrick, Alexis,...?

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really cool !

Like Blu3V3nom07 said, with achievement guide type content this would really be cool. (Now I have my iPhone next to me when collecting feathers/orbs or whatever)

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I'm from Europe and love my 360 and was put together much better then the original ps3 which actually burned holes in my Ikea furniture! :-)

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Just took a look at the total sales figures as we near the end of the life cycle for the Xbox360 / Ps3 / Wii on vgchartz.


I thought it was crazy to see on a global scale that the Xbox brand is still the smallest compared to the total units sold for Nintendo or sony.

(Except for in the US where the Xbox360 is number 2 after total Wii's sold)

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What are you guys thinking of getting on Day One?

I was thinking of

Dead Rising OR Watch Dogs ...

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Going to miss you man!

I've been following you for over 10years now. Starting with gamespot.

I think I've "known" you longer then most of my friends. This really comes as a shock. Feels like I've lost family. RIP Ryan

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Pre-ordered the Xbox One

I'm 100% behind the move to an all online platform + I watch alot of video on my 360 and love what they are doing with the HDMI-in

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Hey iedereen, 
Hier een Vlaming uit Belgie. De taal lijkt misschien op die van de Nederlander boven mij, maar is toch kompleet anders...
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:) thanks Jayge, Everybody seems to agree Verizon is the way to go mobile. But I see on their website they also offer Internet and TV, but nobody here spoke of verizon before so are they no good or...,?

#10 Posted by pjdebrem (17 posts) -

Alright, thanks a lot already you guys. I'm gonna check-out DirecTV and AT&T for my TV. But I have never heard of Cox before, but seeing from their website they do seem interesting. 

Stig, Have you already had some experience with Cox before? Do they also offer all he major tv-channels?
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