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Waiting for the review from Brad. And if good (what I guess it will be), I'm definitely picking this one up for my Xone.

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Hi Guys,

Just got my XboxOne installed. (Loving it!!!)

Now trying to add the crew to the people i "follow". I found Jeff, but do you Guys now the gamertags of vinny, Brad, Patrick, Alexis,...?

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really cool !

Like Blu3V3nom07 said, with achievement guide type content this would really be cool. (Now I have my iPhone next to me when collecting feathers/orbs or whatever)

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I'm from Europe and love my 360 and was put together much better then the original ps3 which actually burned holes in my Ikea furniture! :-)

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Just took a look at the total sales figures as we near the end of the life cycle for the Xbox360 / Ps3 / Wii on vgchartz.


I thought it was crazy to see on a global scale that the Xbox brand is still the smallest compared to the total units sold for Nintendo or sony.

(Except for in the US where the Xbox360 is number 2 after total Wii's sold)

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What are you guys thinking of getting on Day One?

I was thinking of

Dead Rising OR Watch Dogs ...

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Going to miss you man!

I've been following you for over 10years now. Starting with gamespot.

I think I've "known" you longer then most of my friends. This really comes as a shock. Feels like I've lost family. RIP Ryan

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Pre-ordered the Xbox One

I'm 100% behind the move to an all online platform + I watch alot of video on my 360 and love what they are doing with the HDMI-in

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Hey iedereen, 
Hier een Vlaming uit Belgie. De taal lijkt misschien op die van de Nederlander boven mij, maar is toch kompleet anders...
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