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Guess I'll just throw in mine as well to show some Bayonetta love.

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Is this not available in Europe/outside the US? Found it on the US PSN site but can't find it anywhere on the EU PSN. Hearing a few others say the same.

EDIT:!/en-gb/destiny/cid=STORE-MSF75508-DESTINY01?smcid=pdc:gb-en:pdc-ps3-services-detail:buy%20now::null better late than never!

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I'm playing it right now on my Vita, but I'm not too far into it (nearing the end of chapter 1). I jumped right out of X to get into this one (which helped me confirm how goofy FFX really could be and it wasn't as great as I had remembered), and man this one is just bizarre. I was told that it was meant to embrace the unintentional silliness and kinda parody the original, but it's not it's just really dumb in a way that makes me groan. I mean if it was going all the way it just wouldn't have any serious moments at all but...they're there and it's hard to care.

The combat is keeping me interested so far, and if there's a sense of fun that I do enjoy it's how far they went with the animations when they're changing dresspheres. They're the only over-the-top thing that I actually enjoy.

Nooj. Nooj isn't a name. It can't be, even in Final Fantasy world.

I tweeted something along the lines of "what the hell is nooj" and the Urban Dictionary bot replied with this:

Also I just got to this guy and I'm in disbelief about his design. His hair was bad enough, but I can't believe his outfit is a one-piece overall with belts and a cyborg leg.

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I guess the reason this s on Wii U instead of the 3DS is because Earthbound was not a portable game and the 3DS only sells old portable games (alongside original stuff of course). I would much prefer to play this on my 3DS though... m-mainly since I don't have a Wii U and I'm hesitant to buy one.

Now, if they could get Mother 3 on 3DS...

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I'm glad I can save more money AND I can get the news faster, but man I love getting a magazine monthly and just reading the new letters, appreciating the layout and front cover design, and being able to read all the new stuff just in my hands while sitting on a couch or something. You got some cool free stuff too. I remember some would give away demos or cool little accessories, though some of them gave away some huge garbage.

I buy EDGE magazines now and then because I kinda like their layouts and I'm partly studying up on magazine design for my journaliism course, but that's about it.

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People do that out of choice? The only time I've eaten anything in a bathroom was because I was trying to get away from someone and couldn't go in my room.

I guess I could see eating in the shower if you're in a rush, I guess? I'd kinda feel uncomfortable with it, but I mean there's nothing wrong with it as long as your food doesn't get wet.

...Unless you pee in the shower while eating...

EDIT: Although a cold beer in a shower on a hot day might be alright. It isn't 'eating' though.

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Hey Happy Birthday, Jeff! Hope it's a good one!

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If I'm at home, then I can always get 7 since my sis has a 3DS, then I'll usually go out for whatever reason and get at least an 8th one.

When I'm at my university place though, 3 streetpasses is lucky.

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@jimbo said:

Losing weight is easy, you just stop eating. Gaining muscle requires hard work and hard work sucks.

This pretty much. I can't really get enthusiastic about working out when no friends seem to want to do so either.