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@lukeweizer: Losing it to SportsNet (Rogers) was even worse. They may have $5B, but they have the some of the worst sports coverage on Canadian TV.

@machofantastico: To be fair, it was the first Canadian-made game to have been sold on a large-scale. One could easily find older tv personalities today that would be almost as clueless about video games.

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@mosespippy: The majority of the CBC audience is still old people, though not nearly as bad as back then.

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Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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The PS3 supports an internal drive of up to 1TB, and up to 2TB for a USB drive plugged into the console. From what I can tell from the conversation on this forum, the limit stems either from an obsolete SATA controller within the unit, or it's just a limitation imposed by Sony.

Internally, the PS3 won't be able to see a drive larger than 1TB.

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@spankmealotus: Minecraft: Pocket Edition hit the 10 million mark back in May of this year (Gamespot), for a combined of over 33 million in sales on all platforms as of early September. I expect, with the inclusion of the PS4 version, that number will be north of 40 million at the very least.

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They've seem to be a multi-team studio for a while. They put out that Quest for Booty and Resistance 2 within a few months of each other. As well, R3 and All 4 One were close together. They just seem to pump out the games pretty quickly and efficiently. I can't say that this new game will be amazing, but I have no doubt that they are putting effort into it

At the same time, I don't think most people want another Quest for Booty. It was a neat experiment, but I don't think it's what Ratchet & Clank fans are looking for. I would rather wait an extra year or two for a full, "proper" R&C title.

I'm worried this will work. If they sell well, you can expect a greater number of smaller and lower-budget games, and that's not what I personally want from the R&C franchise. It's the same situation with the multi-player focused titles they've put out. I consider myself a die-hard R&C fan, but I've never played those games and probably never will. They just aren't the games I grew up with, and I don't consider them "canon" within the franchise.

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Keep in mind that the Dev Kit OS isn't necessarily the shipped OS. I want to say variants of Red Hat were used as the Dev OSes for the PS2 and PS3.

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None, PayPal is handy when buying from any of the 6 or 7 sites I purchase from.

Although, during the winter sale I spent probably all my game funds until July or August.

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