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Excellent read. Jeff can better articulate than I ever could how absurd and ultimately futile it is to allow yourself to get caught up in a controversy between extremists. Not to say the issues aren't important or the right thing to do is to sweep it all under a rug, but to maybe step back and think about what you're pursuing, what you're actually doing, and who really benefits.

I'm speaking in real general and vague terms here but I think a lot of us including Jeff have been in that dark, cynical, downward spiral into madness where you're angry at the world and come to say some terrible things, but have through years of experience learned to let go and accept things for what they are and not what we fear them to be. The rise of forums and social media has helped foster a new generation of just the kind of closed communities that can breed this hatred to such an alarming, misplaced, and belligerent level.

Sounds like a bad anime plot come to life. I'm no scholar but I hope Jeff and company's address can at least help sway some people away from a future of regret and end some of the irrational bullshit that is weighing down our favorite hobby.

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Virtual idols aside, I think the art and music scene surrounding Hatsune Miku is legitimately amazing. I personally could never get into the source material but there's all kinds of covers out there of both professional and amateur talent. The sheer amount of creativity and buzz generated from an artificial voice can be admirable right? It's an interesting idea that will probably continue to stay niche for a long time if the hamfisted promotions keep up.

I agree that Conan would've at least been a better choice, as someone who has done voice work for anime such as Ghost in the Shell. I think he and his audience could more appreciate a silly thing like this.

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Hang in there Jeff! Hopefully the positive energy of total strangers and random jerks on the internet will reach you.

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I made a quick map for the Monochome Forest in SMT4 since it was right around release.

It ended up looking like really bizarre and terrible chemistry notes, but it got the job done.

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The one that has stuck out in my mind for years is Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits for PS2. Couldn't really tell you why since I don't remember a lick of it, I just remember the sales guy at a Playstation/Sony store in San Francisco hyping it up and a much younger me feeling absolutely cheated when I played it back home(was only there for vacation).

I must've really hated it since I didn't even bother to keep it and sold it back soon after. But supposedly the sequel is the true evil.

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For now I'm content with reading Steam reviews and watching people try desperately to be the funniest person in the room.

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I'm a big fan of Jaunt+Spark+x, it causes some skills to take effect 5 times which becomes hilarious with your mobility even during Turn's cooldown. My personal favorite is Purge while catching the most dangerous enemies in Void+Crash, you can get through some encounters without having to do anything else.

Mask+Load is good for ending a Turn with to set up another or for getting out of a bad situation. I'm still only level 8 and I'd like to continue experimenting but Tap seems like the final piece of the puzzle.

I was also struggling midgame and not enjoying the combat until I completed more challenges, they really do help you understand the meat of the game and guide you toward effective combinations.

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I'm scared!

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After getting sick of the Heide Knight Sword I swore by the Bastard Sword for most of the game, that 1H R2 is beautiful.

I'm starting to fall in love with the Defender Greatsword though. Kind of bummed a lot of cool weapons are found much later but at least in this game's NG+ has all kinds of new surprises.

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