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I made a quick map for the Monochome Forest in SMT4 since it was right around release.

It ended up looking like really bizarre and terrible chemistry notes, but it got the job done.

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The one that has stuck out in my mind for years is Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits for PS2. Couldn't really tell you why since I don't remember a lick of it, I just remember the sales guy at a Playstation/Sony store in San Francisco hyping it up and a much younger me feeling absolutely cheated when I played it back home(was only there for vacation).

I must've really hated it since I didn't even bother to keep it and sold it back soon after. But supposedly the sequel is the true evil.

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For now I'm content with reading Steam reviews and watching people try desperately to be the funniest person in the room.

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I'm a big fan of Jaunt+Spark+x, it causes some skills to take effect 5 times which becomes hilarious with your mobility even during Turn's cooldown. My personal favorite is Purge while catching the most dangerous enemies in Void+Crash, you can get through some encounters without having to do anything else.

Mask+Load is good for ending a Turn with to set up another or for getting out of a bad situation. I'm still only level 8 and I'd like to continue experimenting but Tap seems like the final piece of the puzzle.

I was also struggling midgame and not enjoying the combat until I completed more challenges, they really do help you understand the meat of the game and guide you toward effective combinations.

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I'm scared!

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After getting sick of the Heide Knight Sword I swore by the Bastard Sword for most of the game, that 1H R2 is beautiful.

I'm starting to fall in love with the Defender Greatsword though. Kind of bummed a lot of cool weapons are found much later but at least in this game's NG+ has all kinds of new surprises.

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Well, we have come a long way from the Demon's Souls QL and 2011 podcast around Dark Souls' release. I never would have dreamed of Souls content at that time, much less anyone playing it to completion.

Monster Hunter plays very similarly but requires a much steeper time investment, something I don't think the GB crew is willing to (or can even) put forth. It's very frustrating picking and learning your first weapon. Also I feel like it's much more unforgiving in some ways. As an example I was already well versed in MH when I played Demon's Souls for the first time, and the dodge roll felt like a free Evasion +2.

While I love both of these series to death I don't expect GB to cater to my interests, I'm just happy the crew as of late is willing to get to the bottom of what the Souls games are about, a contrast of their previous attitude of "I don't understand how anyone can be into this so fuck you" and leaving it at that, although that was mostly Jeff and Ryan. And props to Patrick for getting into 3U, though I don't know if he made it to G-Rank.

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You don't see me preaching for Demon's Souls GOTY 2009.

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I'm not one for eulogies, but the Bombcast and site content have helped me through some tough times.

Hope you're in a better place, Ryan.