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@belin43 said: ...Beautiful tribute... rest in peace Ryan...

thank you.

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@ixnay said:

C is for the 2nd-to-last bombcast all star, it's good enough for me.

only missing #10 in Super Bombcast All-Stars and that hint is driving me nuts... cmon it's half past midnight here. Have mercy, I need sleep ( ;
edit: nevermind, I'm an idiot. Finished #93. Good night!
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@uomoartificiale said:

Ciao a tutti! Mi raccomando, Vinnie, esercita il tuo italiano. Non vedo l'ora di sentirti ancora sacramentare sul Quick Look del prossimo Assassin's Creed.... ;)

ahehe finalmente! quel tipo a pagina sei non mi suona molto convincente. salve e *follow solidale*, mi sa che siamo pochi di madrelingua italiana su GiantBomb ( ;
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quick and refreshing!

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@ViciousReiven said:
" Hah this reminds me of the BombStep, still think you should do a full version of that sometime, excellent work man! Anyone have any recommendations for me that are similar to this? "
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 Been waiting for this since that preview on VYou. Awesome *and* free! I like you.

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I work for the Italian General Confederation of Labour, tovarisch.
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Marvelous! Like the Ricky Gervais thing, but better.

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welcome to the world of tooomorrrowww!

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