The major differences between DOTA and LoL

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Ok first I would like to keep the comments civil as this is not meant to stir up arguments about which game is better and takes more skill. (Though I know it is hard to resist)

Second I'm sure there are many people who don't know the differences between LoL, HON, and DOTA, so I went out and found a pretty decent writeup of the major differences between LoL and DOTA. I will admit that I don't really play HON so if people know the MAJOR differences between HON and DOTA please leave those in the comments.

Thirdly some of these maybe outdated as LOL, HON, and DOTA frequently patch.

I hope this is informative to people.

Major Differences between LOL and DOTA

  • Champion selection is limited to the "free to play" champions (which are rotated on a weekly basis) or the ones you have purchased using in game points (Influence points) or real life money (converted into Riot points).
  • Maximum level is 18. With the exception of (as of writing this) 2 champions, Udyr and Karma, this gives your Q, W, and E skills 5 levels, and your R ultimate 3 levels. For Udyr, as he has no true ult, but rather 4 basic skills, you could have a 5 5 5 3 setup, or a 5 5 4 4 setup, or any combination therein. For Karma, her ult is given at level 1 and never levels up, giving her Q, W and E skills 6 levels each.
  • No denying. This includes towers as well as creeps/minions. You can still deny by keeping enemy champions out of the kill radius / prevent them from last hitting, but there is no "auto-attack your own minions" to deny.
  • No gold loss on death.
  • Towers hit a lot harder and do more damage to you the longer they've been hitting you, making early tower dives a lot riskier and making towers much safer to defend against.
  • You can only kill the enemy base/nexus by killing an entire lanes towers then its inhibitor then subsequently the 2 nexus towers before destroying the nexus other lanes towers do not need to be destoyed.
  • The ranged/melee barracks have been merged into a single building called an inhibitor, and instead of bolstering the melee/ranged minions in that lane when destroyed, it instead makes a single, powerful melee unit spawn with every wave. Inhibitors respawn over time.
  • There are far fewer "active" items (click to use) and the focus is more on increasing your passive stats.
  • Every champion has a passive ability that is somewhat integral to their playstyle or their character flavor. These passives are always active and require no skill points. For example, the champion Zilean increases all allies' experience gain by 8% always. A more active example would be the character LeBlanc, who spawns a mirror image whenever she drops below 40% HP (occuring at most once per minute).
  • There is a 3v3 as well as a 5v5 map, meaning there are two separate meta-games to identify (though most people play 5v5).
  • Some of the larger neutral creeps provide passive buffs that provide a visual effect as well as a bonus to attributes. For example, the Golem buff provides mana/energy regeneration and cool down reduction.
  • There is a large neutral creep called the dragon that provides teamwide gold and experience. This is often contested through the mid-late game and is a prime target for jungler champions to kill.
  • The "boss" neutral creep (Baron Nashtor) does not provide an item (like Token of Life), but rather teamwide gold/exp and a passive buff that greatly increases health/mana/energy regen as well as additional attack damage and ability power.
  • You get to choose 2 additional "Summoner Abilities" that are universal regardless of what champion you pick. Some examples of these are Ghost (temporary speed boost and unitwalking), Flash (short range teleport), Ignite (scaling damage with a DoT and reduced healing/regen component), and Clairvoyance (short cooldown, small radius map reveal). There are others too, of course.
  • No river runes.
  • You may passively increase your champions' stats by purchasing "Runes" outside of the actual in-game interface. These runes are purchased using points you earn by playing games (winning or losing).
  • Additionally, you may increase your champions stats / enhance your "Summoner Abilities" / provide passive effects through the mastery system. The mastery system is a simplified version of a talent tree (akin to Diablo 2, World of Warcraft, etc.) with points being earned as you level your summoner (your account), which is done by simply playing games.
  • Ability to return to base (free, no need to buy it, no item slot taken, no cooldown)
  • Improved juking - instead of sneaky paths between trees there is "brush" (bushes/grass) system - brush blocks line of sight of those outside it and provides bonuses to some champions/heroes
  • Map is symmetrical with the exception of the placement of the Dragon and Baron "boss" creeps.
  • Shields system - damage shields are dynamically displayed as a gray extension of the healthbars. Purple extensions indicate magic-only shields.
  • It's possible to bind smartcasts (cast instantly on keypress on the area the cursor is hovering over, not on an additional mouse click)
  • No secret shops or outposts. All items are purchased at the base shop.
  • The Shop's combination items are displayed in a tree, making it easy to see which items combine into what.
  • There exists no buy-backs. What this means is that once your champion is dead you must wait out the full length of the death timer (which increases based on champion level), whereas in DOTA one could spend money to immediately bring their champion back to life, thus skipping the death timer.



Science in Gaming (1) - The Nth Dimension

I know lately there has been a plethora of talk about 3D gaming, whether it be in the form of 3D games using 3D TV's or recently with Nintendo's 3DS, so where do we go from here.  It's hard to imagine that games could really progress beyond the "3rd dimension" into higher dimensions, but it appears that for sometime some games have in fact been employing such dimensions.
Now I also understand this is all theory and speculation when it comes to dimensions beyond our very own 3rd dimension that we live in, but a rather compelling theory, string theory, explains that the entirety of everything we know is contained within 10 dimensions.  I won't get to technical in this blog about it, this is after all mostly for exploring the science and future of video games, but if you are interested in a very easy to understand illustration/video of these dimensions I would suggest that you check out this video below ...

Now back to games...
The 4th Dimension!!!
4D or time can already be seen in many games, whether it be with the use of seasons in many big name MMO's or even Animal Crossing, to the ability to rewind time like in Prince of Persia the Sands of Time.  Time is a very important aspect to games as it gives a feeling of realness or reality to the actual games we are experiencing.  It allows for players to become much more engrossed in the world around them if that world is also effected by the very same conditions as those around us.  Just the other day I checked out a social game on Facebook dun dun dunnnnnnn (yes I know they can be the devil spawn).  Anyway but what made me more attached to this game (Fleck for anyone who is wondering) is that it takes into account the time and conditions of what is happening around the player's location (it pulls in Google maps and weather data to create the effect).  Now this might seem like just a small thing but to me anyway this creates a point of connection, to be able to experience in game what I am experiencing out of game in the weather.  Beyond just weather, but aging can also be a significant gaming device.  I know many people have a fascination with the Fable series as the player follows their character through time, experiencing a sort of vicarious growing up and older through their character.  It gives a person a feeling of accomplishment to say they have accomplished something over their "play time" or in the case of Fable their character's life.
It's getting longer than I would have wanted but bare with me almost done...
The 5th Dimension!!! 
So how could games possibly contain more beyond time and the 4th dimension... consider 5D or rather possible branching routes that your character could of chosen instead of the one you actually chose.  But how could you achieve this in a game, some of the games that come to mind having something close to this would be Zeit, Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time and Braid. In both games the player is able to "rewind time" and create an alternate path while leaving their first path to carry itself out.  Particularly in Zeit(squared) it becomes an important game mechanic for the player to rewind time in order to kill enemies that the player would be unable to kill with just one version of themselves.  In R&C it is used to solve certain puzzles, where one must create multiple copies of themselves doing various things at the same time (the quick look of R&C shows some of this towards the end).
The Nth Dimension and Beyond!!!
Now what?? Is it possible to even contain other dimensions in games (besides the Meat Dimension).... highly doubtful/probably not as the next dimension is the infinite choices of a persons life, which would make for a very very very very long game.  Regardless it's fun to think about how games have evolved to contain such things as time and multiple paths, and hopefully these will lead to more interesting games.

Jersey Shore... The RPG

Thanks to college humor we now know what a game of Jersey Shore the RPG would look and play like!!!
... success!!!!


Reach Racer
check it out a racing minigame within reach, on the first oni-sword base level

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Indie Games Panel at PAX '10

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Guild Wars 2

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