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UTH is fine it's the hunters mark that is rediculous. It basically nullifies taunts and makes UTH so strong. In case anyone doesn't know it's a 0 cost card that reduces an enemy minion's health to 1. Without it you drop a huge taunt and just laugh at there silly dogs.

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Have: Bioshock 1 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Want: Civ 5: Brave New World

steam name: plague102

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I've been leveling my pokemon for evolution purposes (filling out the pokedex) using the three star restaurants rotation battle (initial cost of 100,000 but you make money at the end as long as you win the battles). Basically put your strongest pokemon in front and have him equipped with a lucky egg, then fill your party with low level pokemon. The two other low level pokemon that flank yours in the rotation mode cant be hit unless u rotate them in but earn exp as if they were actually in the battle, and the others get the lucky egg exp bonus with the exp share turned on.

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Trainer Name: Thor

FC: 0275-8320-8179

Version: X

Fittingly I have an Electric Zone :D (I'll add all that get added to the list)

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@frostily once u add that missing digit I'll add you

@carpenoctem I added you

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Name: Ian

FC: 0275-8320-8179

Pokemon X

Table or PM

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My friend code is 0275-8320-8179

post your tag if you add me or pm me your friend code

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Compiled somethings from the leaderboard into a last achievement earned list to give a better idea of when people last played GW2, in-case we need to do some housekeeping with the guild: THE LIST

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