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i think its pretty crazy how some people can play 10 games a year...

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Tarsier said:
"Okay. Let me rephrase what I said to "the games Square publishes". How about that.. Just because they don't DIRECTLY make the game doesn't mean they have no say in what happens with the game. I really didn't want to get technical with this cause it seems silly to say "omg square enix conspiracy making 360 look bad" but as you can see there is a pattern forming.. PS games are good, 360 games are crap and have framerate problems / multiple discs. Get my point? Let's not try to complicate it any more all right? "
..A pattern forming? First off, this is the first true RPG on the 360 that has had any ties with Square Enix (excluding their MMO), so I don't see a pattern at all. Second, it's not Square Enix's doing that Infinite Undiscovery and Final Fantasy XIII will be on multiple discs- you can blame Microsoft for that for not providing a larger storage disc ie HD-DVD or Blu-ray. Lastly, Infinite Undiscovery may not be critically acclaimed or have the production value of Final Fantasy, but from what was said, it isn't crap.

I don't get your point, because there's no point to get. Your conspiracy theory, like most conspiracy theories, have no real basis whatsoever.
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Tarsier said:
"I don't see how that goes against anything I said... Think about it =P"
Uh, it goes against everything you said about Square trying to make the 360 look bad, because they haven't pushed any of their own RPGs onto the 360.

pause422 said:
"I don't know why certain people were acting like this was gonna be some absolutely amazing game...(those who like jrpg's at least) looks just like every other one there is."
I always acknowledged that IU had rough edges, but the concept was really awesome. 18 characters, a seamless world, situation battles, etc. I don't see how IU can be labeled as part of the JRPG stereotype.
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Tarsier said:
"Every RPG Square has put out on the 360 ha-"
This isn't a Square game.
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I think more than one review stated that there was no Japanese VA option.

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All I've gotta say was that it was a pretty bad video review. He spends most of the time complaining about the game, only to say that he liked it without going into further detail what he liked. He even goes as far as to recommend Fable 2 and Tales of Vesperia instead of this. Granted 7.1 isn't all that bad a score, it's still a poor video review. I'll see if the written review is any different later.

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gabha said:
"plainoldsam said:
"Microsoft has the name (Infinite Undiscovery) trademarked. It won't get ported to the PS3."
Can you provide any proof of that? because if so then it seems like this will be settled."

Then search for Infinite Undiscovery
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Sorry, a member of NeoGAF ran a test and found that the NA version of Tales of Vesperia is not compatible with PAL systems. I feel for you guys though.

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Discorsi said:
"^^^^ how was Assassin's Creed's parry system any different.  Of course yo need to wait for an enemy to attack.  As for a proper block buton who needs it when you can parry.  Assassin's creeds's fighting system as a whole was utter crap becuase and to hand sucked due to the fact taht all you needed to do was jus wait to parry.  The lessening of the effectiveness of a block or parry is always welcomed for me because blocking and parrying is so cheap.  Take the damage like a real man or dodge."
Well first off, in Assassin's Creed, during your combo you can transition into a parry/counter at almost anytime. From what I've seen, that isn't the case here. Assassin's Creed's combat system was very flexible and fluid system, so I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Regardless of what you think, the lack of a block button in a realtime battle system where you can easily be overwhelmed is disappointing, especially if the parry system is strict.

I can't believe you're arguing that I should willingly take in damage, as opposed to simply blocking for the sake of showing my manliness through a bloody videogame. If by dodgiing you mean stop fightng and running away, yes, I suppose that'll be my only option then whenever I'm overwhelmed by enemies since there's no goddamn block button. Yes, that's what a "real man" does, right? Run.
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