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Dark Souls 2

It's one of my favorite games. I love it. But I really feel like they just sat on their laurels for this one, all they really did was make another Souls game and make it bigger. Sure they made a few change-ups that people will argue endlessly on and on about which Souls game is best, but the fact is that they took away and left out as many good things as they added. They made a "bigger" game and figured that was enough, but they contracted and condensed on some of the game's key concepts instead of expanding and growing new and interesting interactions. They made the game bigger and the gameplay smaller.


TDU1 was the first iteration of an awesome idea. Test Drive Unlimited 2 was supposed to fix all of the problems and be awesome. And it did fix a lot but also screwed up a lot more by trying to fit into some story driven concept of what other racers were instead of expanding the original vision. Plus they had a sh*t budget, thanks Atari. Forza Horizon tries to pretend to be open world, but its really just trying to make all the walled in track feel organic enough that they can call the over-sized racetrack a "world". I'm still waiting for a quality racer that tries to do what TDU tried to do - open world racing with everyone and everything in one place. Cars, Bikes, Asphalt, and Dirt all in one place, tracks in the world instead of in the menu system, a butt-ton of cars and racing, and an actually open world fun enough just to drive around in. Will someone actually make a good game that executes on the ideas shown off in TDU1?

I only get disappointed by things I love. I mean, stuff like inFamous, how could you not expect to be let down? And if your expectations are met, is it really disappointment?

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@sooty said:

Being there on day 1 has no value at all...

There's plenty of value. Information is harder to find, less consistent, confused by misinterpretation, and surrounded by misinformation. But whatever, you can play the game blind anytime.

More importantly, in a month or so, the game will be saturated with experienced players. As white phantoms, they will be able to walk you through the levels too easily. As invaders, they will be more highly optimized, better geared, and have superior tactical knowledge. Since the game is designed for player interaction, if you play off-line you are missing a key part of the experience, so playing offline isn't an acceptable solution to the problem of a quickly maturing player base.

Before then, you get to enjoy the mass of community confusion, experimentation, and developing characters. That opportunity has a very limited shelf life. Take it or leave it as you like. BTW, many who will be playing on PC will be buying on PS3/360 first and then buying again on while Day 1 on PC will afford the same hysteria to a degree, there will still be a lot of experts running around on PC Day 1.

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I have neither, but I voted anyway because there isn't an option for "I don't qualify, let me see". Just saying...your poll is effed because human nature.

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@tesla said:

I want to be able to sample all of the I want to have the STR and DEX to do so.

Exactly this. I really don't like the idea of seeing a cool new weapon, and not being able to try it on. STR/DEX it is.

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You can't win 'em all, at least 360 gets the lots-of-hackers feature.

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If I have a set of USB wireless headphones connected to my PS3, it automatically overrides / turns off / mutes the audio output to the TV (through both HDMI and Composite). I supposed that's some kind of convenience so you don't have to mute the TV or something, but it's not what I want. I want both.

Turning on Audio Multi-Output in the Sound Settings menu doesn't solve the problem.

Anybody know if there's a way around this, that doesn't involve using the optical out?

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Anyone use this? I just bought one. It started eternally booting and would never finish booting. A video on youtube told me to put it in the freezer. No really. That worked and it booted up. So then I did the first thing Avermedia said to do: update the firmware before using the software. The update failed. Tried again as instructed and the update froze. Now the unit won't even power on. So...

  • Is this thing really just a POS? Or was I just unlucky?
  • What else is recommended, that works for PS3 and is likewise expected to be compatible with PS4?

I don't really care about consoles older than the 360/PS3, but the thing might as well be as future-proof as possible for whatever I may decide to use it for down the road. That's why I went with the LGP, but finding out my problem is common enough for 1200 views of a video telling you to put it in the freezer...well, I'm feeling justifiably concerned. Niche tech is such pain in the ass.

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Okay, for anyone who stumbles across this thread here's the real way to grind for PBS:

  1. Level to between 100 and 140, dupe some Stones of Ephemeral Eyes if you need to, and go to a multiplayer hot spot during prime-time hours to be invaded.
  2. Message everyone you meet: "have purebladestone?". Also message blue sign people while you are waiting for invasions.
  3. You'll have a purebladestone within an hour or two instead of days and days of endless grinding.

The Souls community is awesome. They love to troll and kill you, but they'll help you in a heartbeat. You don't have to win, you can just practice dying less easily if that's your skill set, but you will have PBS in no time and you won't be near as bored as killing that stupid black skeleton a million times. Plus your friends list will grow if you want it to. Thank me later.

This also works in Demon's and Dark for getting help with a boss you can't find summons for...