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Depends on difficulty level right? The higher the difficulty setting, the scarcer the resources - if I remember right, for some guns like the Shorty, the only ammo you are going to find for it on the highest difficulty setting is the two bullets that come with it in the first place.

You can run and gun on the easier settings, but if you up the difficulty you kind of have to save every bullet for when you really really need a bullet.

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Quality, heavy on the Dexterity probably.

Not sure how it will work out yet, but I'm just gonna play blind on the first run, then use a guide to pick up any trophies I missed. Actually, for my first build I intend to over-level as much as possible, I'll even glitch levels if I can after I get to NG+, to play around with as many systems as I can. I'll start by aiming for a basic quality build, but it won't be until my second build that I'll actually care about carefully planning my stats to a solid Quality-Dex.

That first character is always an experimenting thing. Got nine other slots for tailored builds.

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I dunno, personally, the "get all weapons/spells/miracles/whatever" and "max out all upgrade paths" achievements have been by far the least interesting to me in the previous games. It just requires you to create a checklist of all of the different things you need to get, and you can never get them all in a single playthrough. If you miss anything that's "missable," you have to replay the entire game again. And if it works like Dark Souls, you need to covenant-hop to hit 3 or 4 different ones just to get the rewards they offer that you can't get anywhere else. It's just sort of tedious.

I'd like to see some more interesting or challenging achievements too, but this list at least cuts out some of the more tedious ones.

Yeah, I completely get that POV on the grinding. Normally I'm anti-grinding BS, but I guess I just look the other way for Souls because it's one of the few gameses where I actually enjoy putting the work in. And, where for most games I'm looking to avoid multiple play-throughs, for Souls I know I'm in for many many play-throughs trophies or not. But I don't know who wrote the rule that games have to have these weak formulaic achievements - why does the creativity that goes into the game have to go completely out the window for the achievements?

I wonder how many will actively seek to not get that last achievement.

Thank you for pointing out the one interesting "achievement" opportunity. Too bad I'd have to have two versions of the game like with Demon's to even consider going for that.

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nerding out over this

Yeah...can't think of many games where I care enough to ramble on and on into the black void of the internet over every little pointless detail.

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1. Happy to see only one general "max out a weapon" achievement this time around, so less need for grinding.

2. Happy that there are still 9 covenants to play around with.

I'm actually kind of bummed that the list looks relatively easy and entirely uninspired. I'd like to see an achievement for getting all uniques, maybe some multiplayer trophies, and maybe some more creative challenges thrown in instead of "light that there bonfire" (as if you won't be dying to light it anyway). At least you have to max a weapon, get all spells, and max devotion to a covenant.

I don't see why they should be handing out The Dark Soul easily, but whatever. It's not like it's going to sway me away from buying the game.

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If i understand what youre saying, you want to use the red eye orb after joining the sunbros, which is impossible. What you could do instead is buy a bunch of cracked red eye orbs from Kaathe

What he said. The Red Eye Orb won't work if you aren't joined with the Dark Wraith covenant, you'll have to buy cracked. A couple other things to keep in mind:

You can't join Darkwraith if you place the Lord Vessel before fighting the Four Kings, and joining with Kaathe will piss off Frampt. So just forget about Frampt, he's a liar anyway.

Once you've joined Darkwraith, you can buy the cracked reds, then join Sunbros.

If you need more cracked reds later, you can rejoin either covenant as you wish, but you'll lose half of whatever ranking you in have in each covenant every time you switch.

Rank doesn't do much for you in either covenant, after you get the goods rewarded for ranking up in the first place, so you shouldn't really need to care. I don't think rank does anything for you in Sunbros. In Darkwraith, rank increases the number of humanity you can steal from other players with one hit of the Dark Hand.

Just like the Red Eye Orb won't work if you aren't a Darkwraith, the Sunlight Spear miracle won't work if you aren't a Sunbro (the two lesser lightning spears will work just fine tho).

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The only real difference will be the controller. If you're comfortable on the 360 pad, you'll be just fine with that version I imagine.

This makes me wonder if DS4 will be compatible with Dark Souls II. I'm so used to DS4 now that I don't like the loose analog sticks on the DS3 (among other things of course).

Using RB/LB to attack/block, yuck!

Does the DS4 work for Dark Souls 1?

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Anyways, really like how swearing in thread titles are censored to "puppy" :)

ha. I never knew that so I had no clue what this thread would be about...maybe Sif or something?

Anyway, I don't really see a problem with any of this stuff as long as they make the game fresh, which they have. Precarious catwalks? Going to be there. Poisonous floors? Going to be there (DkS had multiple types - poison swamp, lava, sticky tar, and even the fetus enemies are really just another version of a poisonous're not going to see that disappear as a way to change things up). It's going to be a big world, and they're going to have new ways to screw with you, but the tried & true will be back as well.

And I don't care if there is a Puppy in Dark Souls 2 - I just want to let him live (and like, get his sword as a reward if you show mercy and let him live!).

i never got the hate for anor londo archers honestly. i heard about them all before playing this game and i thought it was some crazy unbeatable death trap but it really wasn't very bad for me

There's your problem right there. Playing blind, chances are you wind up meeting them without a fog ring, without poison arrows, without a heavy shield, with only mediocre stamina, and a little iffy on your roll timing. I get the hate. But I don't get why someone wouldn't love something so deliciously hateful.

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@plaintomato: Character tendency is alright, World Tendency is just straight up stupid though and covenants do everything that WT does but better, except for them not working all the time. WT is the definition of "look this up until you can exploit it" design, because there is no way in fucking hell you're figuring it out blind. Also if you're online it either does nothing or gives you access to the best equipment in the game in the first level.

k you convinced me. I forgot about covenants, they made up for tendency in spades. I still really like world tendency though and don't really see how covenants did more than just scratch the surface. I'd love to see a WT system that completely changed the game. Think if putting on the calamity ring didn't just gimp you, but loaded the levels with harder enemies, revised character placements, and access to a couple extra tangent areas, to freshen things up again.

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It's by Jason Rohrer.

I've certainly met some of them: people who have a backlog of 50 unplayed games in their Steam library. Maybe they'll never play them. But even if there are enough people doing this, it's not a good thing. It's just people being tricked into wasting money on stuff they don't want or need. Better that they spent that money on one full-price game that they really want rather than four 75%-off impulse buys to add to their backlog.

Yeah. I call BS. That backlog of games I won't probably cost less than a few games at full retail. Half of it came with purchases of game bundles that included games I did really want to play and the package deal cost less than just buying the games I actually wanted. Plus money went to the devs. How is this bad?

I don't feel screwed by my backlog - I would just like better control over what shows up in my games list. I feel screwed by Steam's limited public info management options.

Sales rock.