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I'll take a Large!

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@somethingdumb said:
" I've got like 45 friend requests floating out there and no accepts.  Sadness/. Again, I've got SSF4 (pilotwings on the way) 1418 6707 6823 "
I got you man just now. Now you at least have one friend!
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@somethingdumb said:
" @PlainZombie: Added, son. Consider yourself notified. But you're right. Nintendo still needs to find their online game groove. Almost there, but not quite. EDIT: Also, there are "friend notification settings. I don't know how notify-y they are, but it looks like something. "
I think those are just choosing if you want to Broadcast your online status or what you are playing, at least that's all I could find under that heading.
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@somethingdumb said:

" @PlainZombie: It's gotten to the point, I think, where it's pretty sophisticated. It's just numbers instead of gamertags. It USED to be horrifically archaic but, besides a 'recent players' list that I can add friends from, the 3ds style friend code stuff seems free efficient. "

Yeah, the more I think about it the more I think I was just too harsh the way I put it. What I really just don't like is the fact that there don't seem to be notifications of addition (Unless I'm missing something). I do agree that it's come a long way.
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@Hizang said:
" Man this list is inanse, if the top caps 100 people we may have a problem "
Yeah, that's kind of why I'm just picking and choosing and then shooting PMs to the people I pick. Shows just how unintuitive this whole Friend Code stuff is, but at least it's just the one this time.
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Feel free to add me, don't know if I'll add everyone on the list, as I have another forum I could add people from as well as actual friends.
EDIT: If you have SSFIV3D that might increase your chances of me adding you :P
I added Blalala, Jeff, Diram, Hizang, and I think one more from the first page before stopping due to other things if you guys want to add me as well to complete the whole thing.

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Honestly I think it's a good idea. I think the people who don't subscribe get to see what they are missing and, as we can see, decide to subscribe in larger numbers than any other day. As for the archive version, I figure if the show was free live, why penalize the non subscribed members who couldn't catch it live? Make that episode open to everyone even after the live airing, again kind of as a sampler for what they are missing most weeks of the year.

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Basically to support these guys. The extra things help a bit too (Mobile site, downloadable videos to watch later, t-shirt, etc) but really these guys have been doing great things and I want to support them.

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@StriderNo9 said:

" Yup, I love GB, I wanna support.  "

It's this. I love this site and want to support these people, and the $50 yearly is $10 cheaper than if I stuck with the $5 monthly for a full year, which likely would have happened. Plus a t-shirt and I love t-shirts.
I can see how people wouldn't want to, and I don't have an issue with them, we've made different choices and have different opinions. I do have an issue with the folks who want to call the people like me idiots. It's just not the way to go about it.
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@crazyleaves said:
" Y@PlainZombie said:
" How come sometimes I just can't follow people. I'm trying to follow CatsAkimbo and Epilepsy but it just won't complete. It doesn't do the saving or anything... "
Yeah i guess Epilepsy is sol. Can't follow him either... "
I was able to follow him after I popped back into his page. Maybe something to do with the number of requests?
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