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I've already seen mods abuse their power in places ranging from the smallest, most niche communities to massive communities like Reddit.

What if moderation was treated like a security guard? Like they had to be licensed by an independent authority. I mean you'd have to make it a paid position at that point, and legally require every web community over a certain size to have licensed moderators, as well as those moderators being audited by the license providers at certain intervals, but how would that work out?

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@legion_ said:

Yes, this is pretty ridiculous. It's ridiculous that we in 2014 still are so small minded that we say a woman should be nominated because she is a woman. It's the same as saying a black man should be nominated for being black.

Jesus... I agree that you haven't learned anything.

OR! Maybe she should be nominated because she's notable enough to have been featured on fucking multiple television news broadcasts as well as written about in a large number of respected news outlets. And yet Jeff Gerstmann, who is awesome but definitely not "trending" in any way shape or form, is nominated. It's not that she should be nominated because she's a woman, it's the fact that a lot of people are starting to realise just how ignored women can be in this industry. But hey, anyone who points that out is the one who has the problem, correct?

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@frankiebeanz: Have you been buying new controllers, or just buying replacement triggers off eBay, like you mentioned in another thread?

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Nah, I watch this series to see drews experience, I'm fine with however he wants to do it.

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We talking post-2.02? Damn, that sucks.

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Yeah, why not. That stuff looks cool.

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Recently, I've played and beat Fez on 3 different platforms. I will probably play it again, at least a few more times.

As for older stuff, I play Shenmue at least once per year. Fuck off, don't judge me.

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@bargainben: Might be a bit early to say that. I'm certainly waiting until I get it in my hands before I get too hyped.

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@markm: He doesn't say the word Mario at all in that article.