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@franticrain: I mean it was the first paragraph of like 10, not the first half. I don't disagree with what you're saying at all, coding games is difficult, I just think you came off as incredibly negative. Dude wants to make games and presumably learn how to code and he's at the stage where it all seems like witchcraft.. That's cool. We should try to nurture that in people while pointing them in the right direction, not try to put them off. At least you seemed like that's what you were trying to do.

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@franticrain: You just wrote a dozen paragraphs bitching about a guy being excited about learning to code. This shit does seem like magic at first. Pointing out that it isn't as complex as he may think is fine, but theres no need for the attitude. Let the dude be excited about it.

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There are some great Twine games out there. The stigma attached to them is totally unfathomable to me. Like, even if they weren't games, which they are, so what? Why do they make people so angry?

Either way I'm excited to see what you come up with! If you need any help on the CSS front (or jQuery, if you wanna hook that in there) I could use an excuse to brush up on my skills :)

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@joshwent: yep. I think it's important to note that games aren't going anywhere. Unless you're the type of person who's only into big budget AAA stuff, in which case maybe start buying all those season passes and coin doublers and character skins that we all hate so much, coz that's probably the only thing propping that section of the market up right now.

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Indies would become even more prevalent than they are now cos they need less cash to be sustainable. It might even deter the the get-rich-quick indies who pump out bad fps's and minecraft clones. Bring it on I guess.

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@dawglet: I agree. TTFD needs to assume Klepeks role and leave the site.

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@mooseymcman: I remember seeing somewhere that there was a working PC build of it but Swery was non-committal on whether it would come out there. But then why wouldn't you release there if you had a working build?

Glad this is happening. I want to support Swery's weird shit, but I don't want an Xbone so this works out great.

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Guy's lets pool our resources and see if we can buy all Konami's IP and give it to a good developer. Though I might be able to afford it on my own, I bet they'd give it up for £6 and a hotdog these days.

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Y'all think the the release times between TT games is long, go look at Kentucky Route Zero. 5 months between act 1 & 2, a year between 2 & 3 and we're a couple weeks off it being a year since 3 came out, with no sign of act 4. Don't get me wrong, KRZ is one of the best games ever imo and it's not even finished, but god damn they take their sweet time on them.

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It's apparently being removed on the 29th.

Looks like PT is going to be just an urban legend that parents tell their children about in hushed tones when asked "Were games even scary at all in the Olden Days?"

Y'know, this is a great point. If P.T. is something that you can no longer obtain in the future, it becomes a kind of incredible little piece of video game history in my mind. The "playable trailer" where you walked through a hall over and over again and was beyond terrifying. People in the future will always be able to watch "Let's Play" videos of it, but never play it themselves.

Someone will have dumped the files to a PC. One day, in the distant cyber-punk future, we'll be able to emulate a PS4 and P.T will be playable by all. One day, I'll be able to scare the fuck out of my kids with it, the same way my dad scared the fuck out of me with Friday the 13th. One day...