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Had one since the end of June. I like it a lot. I can see it being a great system given a few years but right now, along with the Xbox 1, I wouldn't consider it a must have. If you can't see anything that you HAVE to play on it then theres nothing wrong with waiting.

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Play Proteus. Whenever nothing happens take a shot.

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I'm trying to remember, but how long are these games on average? I am thinking 15 or so hours each?

Yeah, with the cutscenes. If you skip them and you know what you're doing it can be a lot less. I used to be able to finish MGS2 in about two hours on normal ha.

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Fuckin' Don DeLillo. My ex convinced me that I'd love him based on my favourites (Kerouac, Bukowski, Vonnegut etc.), so I read Underworld and I swear there isn't a single interesting paragraph in that entire fucking book. And it's long as hell too. Ugh. Greatest living American author my arse.

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Super Meat Boy.

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Read the comments on this video. People are fucking INSANE. Phil designed a poster as a reward for a film kickstarter, and people are calling him a thief...

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@video_game_king: Agreed, but he does do a great job of showing how ridiculously well designed MMX is, even if his humour is kinda dumb.

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@jackelbeaver: Samantha made a tweet that she was disappointed that the new hires were white guys. There are a lot of people that think this site is a bit too male centric, she happens to be one. People called her a cunt, among other things. People like you assume she's pissed she didn't get a job and further compound the bullshit.

Maybe take some time to read up about something before throwing an opinion out there. I'm not trying to be a dick, but really, whats the point in commenting if you don't understand what actually happened?

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@jackelbeaver: @plan6: Neither woman applied for the job. It's not about them not being hired.

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@tadthuggish: Who the fuck are you to say who is and isn't welcome here? Opening your sentence with a shitty remark about two people and ending it with "Hate begat hate" is so stupid and you probably don't see the irony.

Samantha made a tweet saying she was disappointed that the new hires were more of the same (while I'm not disappointed, I can see her point, this place is a damn sausage fest) and she had a bunch of absolutely vile shit thrown at her. Leigh was pissed off that her friend had to go through that.

Samantha telling that guy to go fuck himself was dumb. It was a knee jerk reaction based on the bullshit she'd had to endure today. And Leigh is probably still sore about the way she was treated by this community all those years ago, again coupled with how Samantha was being treated. I don't think those tweets were cool in anyway, but I certainly think they're excusable under the circumstances.

A woman shares her (valid) opinion, people call her a cunt, she lashes out.

Hate begat hate indeed.