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@hurricaneivan29: Every picture I've ever seen of Phil saying something shitty has always been in direct retaliation to some shit thrown at him. They are never, ever shown along side the bullshit he has to put up with. Yeah, telling someone to kill themselves isn't cool, but at least in context it comes off as retaliation instead of Phil just being a dick for no reason. Why should Marcus Beer get to continue with his life in peace after that whole incident but Phil is just shat on even more?

I wonder, if every time someone had posted a picture of Phil's supposed dickishness they'd made sure to post it along side the thing that made him say it in the first place, there would be half as much hate for this guy.

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Threads about E3 no longer being about games, no longer about E3 no longer being about games, apparently?

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@egg: I don't think you've ever seen a Flash game before if you think they look like Mighty No. 9...

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Gents, take some time out of your day and read #YesAllWomen. I know some of you don't understand the larger issues at play. Learn.

— Jared Rosen (@notquitefrodo) May 27, 2014

@conmulligan: He does seem to have some progressive views on feminism, regardless of that video. I feel like he was probably going for satire when he wrote it, and it just came out a bit juvenile.

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@fruitcocoa: For question number one, I'm fairly sure android updates are kind of vendor specific. i.e there are some differences in the way Kit Kat operates on your HTC than on other android phones. So when a new version of Android comes out you wont necessarily get it right away. That means there won't be 80 bajillion people downloading the OS at the same time as you are, from the same server, and updates should be quite smooth. This is also one of the reasons Android is a very fragmented platform.

DISCLAIMER: I could be wrong here. My knowledge of Android pretty limited.

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Manchester, England.

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Idea: Game where you are playing tetris on your gameboy. You may look away from your gameboy at any point to see a woman or man, depending on your choosing, getting undressed. You cannot see both the sexy, sexy person and the gameboy screen at the same time and if you lose a game of tetris the person puts all their clothes back on. Will you look up to see how naked the sexy, sexy person has become and potentially lose your game and have to start over?

Get on it homie.

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For millions of years, since the outset of time, every single one of your ancestors survived. Every single person on your Mum's and Dad's side successfully looked after and passed onto you life.

What are the chances of that like?

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@bisonhero: It's not like I'm like "Awwww fuck yeah, I get to drive to work today! DRIIIIVIIIING!!!" whenever I get into a car. It's more that driving is an inherently boring activity. You sit down, stare straight ahead and thats about it. Add a manual gearbox to that and you at least have something to do with your hands/something to think about while driving, if that makes sense? I feel like if I didn't have that extra level of complexity my mind would drift and I'd be a dangerous motherfucker to have on the road. I have a short attention span.

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Being from England I have no idea why anyone would ever drive an automatic. That shit is booooring.