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@voidprod: Don't know where you're getting your info, but Dirty Dancing was Kevin Kostner.

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@nophilip: IMDB is fuckin' dusted. Patrick Swayze was in Footloose.

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@duncankeller: Lets go with BLT then. Looking forward to seeing what you have ready.

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My arcade initials were always BLT, or MRT depending on my mood.

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Yes. This shouldn't even be questionable. If someone wants to charge $1000000 for a picture of Mario they drew on a napkin they are well within their rights. You don't have to buy it, but questioning their right to charge for it is ridiculous.

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@jeff Thirty Flights of Loving took me 15 minutes to complete. Literally the only game I've ever played and felt cheated by it's length (and actually borderline angry, which I realise is ridiculous). Gone Home and Proteus and stuff in that vain felt short but sweet, TFoL just feels short.

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@ghostiet: @brodehouse: so really, that's a thing? I mean I know some people straight up don't give a shit about mechanics, but are there really these militant anti-mechanics people who just can't wait to let you know how much they hate the classics? Cos if there are I want to see it. That could be a good laugh. :)

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Prepare to be called 'ludocentric' by a group of simpering thugs who demand you put narrative before everything else. To them, the only time game mechanics are worth discussing is when they interfere with the story.

What the hell are you on about?

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Gonna miss you Scoops

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@bob1950 said:

And I have tried with GB, I've honestly fucking tried.

I've sat through dozens of hours of fucking UPFs and similar content, praying it would reach the level on Dan with the GI crew..

It just hasn't.

An example of the kind of chemistry which now doesn't exist is in the Joe vs Tyson Stress Test (Joe attempts to do what Dan could not). The general banter alone is fantastic, but when Dan just suddenly hits out with a story about how Jeff Marchiafava (fellow GI guy sitting in on the Stress Test) TRIED TO FUCKING MURDER HIM by ramming his car on a bridge because Dan was being a fucking ass..

There's just no equivalent to that at GB, and I don't think there ever will be.

Dan's been here 6 months. Jeff and the others have those kinds of stories, because they've been together a long while. Google Chris with the white car as an example.

Give it time.