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@l4wd0g: Hmm, now I re-read it, I think you're right about his meaning. I took it as flippant at first, but it looks like he was serious...

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Phantasy Star. Not as an MMO, but a proper single player JRPG.

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@bocam: Cool, I'll check the VN out then. Thanks!

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I tried to watch the Chaos;Head anime and found nothing there to like, which bummed me out cos I thought the games looked cool. If I hate the show would there be anything there for me in the games?

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@l4wd0g: I may be reading your post wrong, but that's exactly what Plante was saying.

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@hatking: Sorry duder, I thought you were serious. Nevermind. Maybe that makes me the joyless one? I dunno. This whole thing is kinda confusing.

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@hatking: In what world is this racist, you joyless human being?

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I just put a new HDD in my computer like 4 hours ago. so this is no where near accurate...

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Just because he doesn't agree with it doesn't mean it holds no merit.

It has nothing to do with him agreeing with it, it was the raving of a man nearing mental break down. He wasn't in a sound state of mind when he said it and upon regaining his composure wrote a long blog about the context surrounding it, i.e. being attacked by people because he had said some fucking offensive things around that time, and apologised. He was doing what all ignorant people do when called out for saying and doing insensitive things; shifting blame onto the offended party.

I should probably answer this thread though huh? Never been offended at a video game as such, probably never will be. But I don't think that being offended is a bad thing and anyone who does is a dick.