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THAT ENDING THOUGH. GB HISTORY RIGHT THERE. If you didn't watch that live you fucked up son.

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@eternalvigil: Yeah, keeping track of O2 levels while trying to shoot hell of dudes in the face doesn't sound fun at all. I love me some Borderlands but I'm a little sceptical of this so far.

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Just cos he's willing to be in a bunch of different types of films, doesn't mean he's a bad actor. I can't even comprehend where that mindset comes from. "He was in Cheers, he must be shit." Makes no sense to me.

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I think its playing 8-4 right now. I've been tricked, and I don't like it.

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I've seen him do that a lot. It's fucking weird.

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No one would be mad if King actually sued people for infringing on their property. King sued devs who made games that King actually ripped off all because they could afford lawyers and other devs could not. Threes actually have been ripped off and can't do anything.

It's actually pretty amazing how many people are actually defending completely ripping off an original idea and profiting off someone else's work without giving them any credit. But it's sort of that society we've all grown accustomed to. No morals or ethics as long as you make money.


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@l4wd0g: Hmm, now I re-read it, I think you're right about his meaning. I took it as flippant at first, but it looks like he was serious...

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Phantasy Star. Not as an MMO, but a proper single player JRPG.

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@bocam: Cool, I'll check the VN out then. Thanks!

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I tried to watch the Chaos;Head anime and found nothing there to like, which bummed me out cos I thought the games looked cool. If I hate the show would there be anything there for me in the games?