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I don't know what to say, I feel like I knew Ryan so well from listening from the very beginning with the arrow pointing down podcast... I've never had some I know die and it feels terrible. I can't imagine how the crew and his new wife feel, this is the worst. RIP

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I can rely on him for matters of quality gameplay but when it comes to matters of the soul his attention is seriously waning. Sometimes I think he's colorblind in his heart.

I want to frame this.

That comment is perfect, he'll soon be telling the new consoles to get off his lawn. But I guess its nice to have someone who only values gameplay, and cant forgive bad gameplay for good story.

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Why doesn't Giantbomb cover the latest telescope or fishing rod releases?

Because like with fighting games and MOBAs, they would have no idea what they are talking about.

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Brazzers is becoming a classic.

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I have nothing against GAME, I haven't been in one for years coz of Amazon, but they seem standard enough.

I am however looking forward to a clearance sale where I can buy cheap Microsoft points :D

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Haha sorry when I said SSS+ I meant advanced, but only because I feel I'm pretty good at SFIV and people said it has footsies like CvS2 and 3s which I played a lot.

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  • Xbox 360
  • NEB Plasma
  • SSS+
  • England, i'll play anyone in Europe as long as you don't have dial up!
  • I sometimes have a mic.

If anyone wants to add me that's fine, although I'll very rarely be on until probably summer.

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You've kinda taken one guy from the show that everyone disagrees with and blown it up Patrick, but I guess that's what journalists do.

Could have at least talked about her twitter being overloaded with positive comments from MANY people in the FGC having her back completely.

Aris tars the FGC with one brush, but each scene from each city, and even multiple scenes within a city will be radically different. Just happens Aris is in some sexist, trash talking scene where everyone mocks everyone.

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Holy shit this should start a trend, fuck publishers, let the public decide!