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This makes me jealous, why can't PAXAus have something like this...

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Where are you flying from that you need that much entertainment?

For myself I usually load up GOTY dicussions for Long Road trips.

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Hey, any word on the meet up venue? I had a Bourbon with 1 ice cube in Ryan's honor tonight, but still keen to celebrate the awesomeness that he brought us.

One of my friends said it beat, we've had Ryan and jeff and brad and vinnie in our lives for atleast 3 hours a week for the past 5 or 6 years, losing one of the crew feels like losing a old and close friend.

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If Diablo 3 is coming to consoles and is feasible, I don't see how Dota wouldn't be feasible. There are already examples of MOBAs on consoles.

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@sirpsychosexy is right, I mean it will launch on PS4 and PC with an XBOX One version to follow a year or so later. And then Gabe will assume his final form, open one of his 9 mouths, and sing the song that makes the world end.

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I would like to get it down in writing before it happens, so that everyone can see what a genius I am and give me the appropriate recognition.

So I reckon that at the coming E3, the PS4 press conference will run as expected, and the conference will end with a "and just one more thing" A teaser will start to run, with the G-Mans quote from Half-Life 2 introducing it "Mr Freeman... you've been asleep a long time" A breif teaser will run showing a little of the new game and will then fade to black, and the Half-Life Lambda, Steam, and PS4 logo will fade back in, then "Coming November 2013" will fade in, then the trailer will stop, and Gabe will walk out onto the stage to announce that the PS4 will launch with full steam integration, and Half-Life 3 will be a console exclusive launch title on the PS4. Then everyone will go batshit.

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@hawkerace: Damn you that cheese burger looks good,

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So disappointed in the Cars avaliable in this game. Where the hell are my Porsches?

Not to mention Shelby, Holden, and the Toyota Celica?