Top 10 Games of 2011

In no particular order I present my Top 10 games of 2011 list. While this year was a bumper year for Sequels and Threequels, it still managed to deliver, Big time.

Breakouts this year include Bulletstorm, Witcher 2 and Dead Space, all earning a top spot in my personal top ten list. And while it may be fashionable to hate on games such as Modern Warfare and Battlefield 3, these games are popular for a reason, call me shallow and superficial, but Modern Warfare 3 was a hell of a ride, and nothing will beat the thrill of hearing the A-10's strafing runs through my system for a good long time. While admittedly, I could be the worst BF3 player to have ever existed, the game still manages to offer a very enjoyable experience, nothing beats working as a team to take a heavily defended chokepoint in Metro.

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