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Yes I re-applied thermal paste, DUH. And yeah about that heat problem, I'm tempted to just buy a case fan and attach that to my card. It still runs about 60C on lidle, and bout 90 when its stressed.

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Yeah it works. You take off the fan and the heat sinc(AND PASTE). Bake the mainboard for 10 minutes around 200C. Its supposed to fix micro fractures in teh soldering. Look it up, Google it, I know theres some stuff on Youtube.

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I just baked my 8800GT back to life!!!
It really does work, it was atifacting before. 200C for 10 min, let cool for an hour. 

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All you can do is ride a horse around, atleast that gives you an extra hp :)

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Brad said Ninja Cougars on the cast!

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@Axxol:  Thanks Axxol. I thought I was missing something.
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Love this game, glad I bought it. But theres nothing worse than roaming across the country side and all you hear a a cougars roar, and your horse and you go down. The graphical glitches in freeroam are pretty annoying, specially when trying to hunt for things.
BTW: how do you do the hunting quests in free roam?
*Edit -  Not the challenge huntig quests, the ones where "waves of wolves or bears come at you".

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This is a weird problem that I've googled before with no success, so I thought I would try this community. My keyboard [Merc Stealth] would lag for a second, this started with fallout 3. Patches for Fallout did nothing until I read something about updating my bios. After checking my bios [Asus P5N-E SLI] version (was 0.46 or something) I decided to update to like 1.7 or something, explecting to have fixed the problem. 
Now when I play a Steam game, like TF2 and Portal, it lags the same way. And now I can see the keyboard lights go out when it lags.
 Does anyone have any ideas about this?

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Oh, so you have to get it in the singleplayer. okay, so what about multiplayer, do you get it after you get enough exp?

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So okay you can lasso people while on the horse but what about on foot?

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