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#1 Posted by PlatypusPlatoon (105 posts) -

In online play, can opponents still drop with impunity? Or do they at least get a loss now?

That was the one biggest thing that bugged me about original DOTP, and I heard it wasn't changed in 2012. Hoping they fixed it this time!

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Just watching the trailer, with its neon colour palette and the new wave soundtrack blaring, brings back incredible memories.

Vice City is absolutely my favourite GTA, too. One of my favourite games of all time.

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@Dante87 said:

Hope this is less Mario Kart Wii & more Mario Kart DS

This.  A thousand times this.
The wide open tracks and the flamboyant cart design make me think it'll have more in common with the recent console versions than the pivotal DS version, so I'm trying my best to rein in expectations.  Still - Mario Kart!  I can't help but get my hopes up.
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The game rates your freestyling skills by some unknown, hidden criteria.  Has anybody discovered the key to a good freestyle?  Is it staying on beat?  Varying it up?  Going hog wild?
I usually end up with B's, and the perfectionist in me would love to nab some A's.

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DJ Hero, Original Mix.  By a country mile.
Not even close.

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I tried to join online games on 360 as a vocalist, but nobody seems to be playing this.
The achievements page says there are only 537 players so far (compared to 6336 for Beatles RB).  That's abysmal!  Where have all the Green Day fans gone?

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For the warrior, put all your points into passives (Martial Weapons Expertise, Dual Wield, Armor Expertise), equip two one-handers, and just use Slash until level 25.  It's surprisingly powerful, because while its skill description makes it read like a cleave attack, it's one of the few skills to use "all equiped weapons", which means you can deal a lot of damage with it whether you're facing one enemy or a half dozen.  Supplementary defensive skills like Shadow Armor and Frost Shield are useful for their block and damage reduction, respectively.  At level 25, grab Devastate, watch your warrior become a human wrecking machine, and go to town on the baddies.
Stat-wise, you can do something like 3:2 for Str:Def.  If you're on Hardcore, you probably want more in Defence.

#9 Posted by PlatypusPlatoon (105 posts) -

In story mode, did anyone notice that for the last song in every chapter, the pitch detection is more strict?  Last night I finished Chapters 1 and 2 on vocals on hard, and on the fourth song in each set, the pitch bars were noticeably narrower.  The first time this happened, I thought I moved up to expert by mistake, so I restarted.  Nope, still narrower pitch bars.

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Jesus effing Christ.  How does Rockstar keep making these damned awesome trailers?  They've turned it into a science.
After watching that trailer, I went from mild interest to must-have.  I mean, there's dancing.  Must buy.

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