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My videos used to be to long, plain and simple. So heres a quick, long delayed, update for you all.

Sorry for taking so long, and not commenting, posting new blogs, ect. I'll become way more active as of right now. I promise. Expect way more comments and blogs out of me. So without further to do, my new feature, 1 minute of madness.


And hers that link I promised

Steve Moakler

Thanks for reading/watching.

Will post my coke chugging video soon.
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Have you joined the army behind our backs soldier?

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Nice haircut. Lose a bet? :)


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I laughed when the text came up, actually I don't care what you think. :P

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Its good to be back guys, I forgot how much I enjoyed the comments, from you three especially.

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We're doing some coke chugging to

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Nice to see your face again,
Actually I don't care about seeing your face...

Lol...good Idea... short and to the point

Glad you're on here some more.
Kanye West is pretty awesome. In school we're using garageband to make an edited version of's pretty awesome.

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Shirt = NO GOOD!

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Glad you don't care cause I hate it!! Lol I'm just joking man glad to see you're back.