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@mrmazz: I am no expert myself, but I would guess that video ad revenue has a lot to do with potential profits as opposed to referral links.

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Great article Patrick.

After my initial experience with the game I just (sadly) accepted the fact that I wasn't cut out for this game. Can't wait to be able to give this game another go in one of the easier modes.

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Amazing news.

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@macks: I've been thinking the same. Add me on steam if we already aren't friends, french023.

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Both end on July 12th at 11 pm eastern. Good luck!

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Just now making the transition from LoL to Dota 2. Feel free to add me on steam! I'm not a complete beginner with mobas, though I've never played dota specifically.

Add me at


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PSN- ut-oh-spaghettio

Timezone- Eastern US

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@macks said:

Hey y'all, I'm getting an "unknown server version" error when I try to log in. Not sure if it's just on my end or not.

Getting the same error over here as well. Can't wait to start doing dumb things with you duders again soon.

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I'm looking to play a little bit of rust in the near future and I'm sure it would help me make the jump if I had a few duders who played on my friends list. Feel free to add me if you guys still play! steam - french023 or francais

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Shout out to @moonlightmoth for the give aways! This is the first time I've ever won anything like this! Appreciate it duder.