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The GBA version is awesome.  I picked it up for $20.  Think of all the best things about the original Turtles games + River City Ransom like elements.  You've got a winner.

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I would like a 3-D remake of Final Fantasy VI on the PS3/360.  I think that would be tremendous.

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I agree that DKC3 is not as strong.  It's game design was good, but it just wasn't as interesting as the first two games.

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This one is my favourite.

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This was a very strong Zelda game.  I generally think that Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time a better because of their art style.  I think the more realistic style suits the Zelda universe better. 

However, I will say the the first few hours of Wind Waker were excellent.  However, the sailing aspects were tedious and made for boring heart-piece searching