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@ragnar: I'll try to keep that in mind. Less about selling the game, and maybe more about my reactions. I think cutting down on the talking at the home screen should help on that. I'm legit surprised by the amount of people who know who I am on here. I didn't expect to see any wrestling fans on a gaming board.


PPS: We're just as bummed :(

PPPS: I THOUGHT HE WAS MEXICAN! But seriously, he'll make it work. He's the best.

@gunslingerpanda: I'll definitely try to cut down on the intro, maybe leave that for the outro. Do a lot more talking during the game, as that's where the improv happens. It's also the most interesting part.


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I've only just begun playing the first one, I hear it's a real tear jerker, so I'm looking forward to where it takes me.

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@papercut: I realized that issue while I was recording. It was going to be both hard to talk while playing, plus the footage would get repetitive. Maybe I could have spoken more in between deaths. The best parts of the video is reactions to death anyways. Thanks for the criticism :)

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@historyinrust: I probably should have read the forum rules before I went and posted. I appreciate the warning and I'll check out the subreddit! Thanks!

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@azurath: Actually, I've had an account on here & comic vine (but a lot more active on comic vine). I just needed gamers opinions on it. Wrestling fans are too nice about the content, I just wasn't sure if gaming fans would react the same way.

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Any criticism is appreciated. I'm trying something I've always wanted to do and I'm not sure if I'm doing it in an interest way or not. You can check other type of videos on my channel if you want, too.

Thanks guys!