Erica's Monument-al Adventure! Days 12 & 13

Here are another two considerable longer days on this segment of Erica’s Monument-al Adventure. I’m still further behind than I want to be, and time hasn’t been nice to me. But without further ado, here are some updates to this crazy adventure.

Erica's Monument-al Adventure: Day 12

Upon entering my world, Tim joined me right away. Within minutes of venturing down to the cave base and into the tunnels, we struck diamond! Not just one or two pieces, but around eight or nine. From here, we set out to completely strip mine the east-west connection tunnels between the north-south tunnels. We were pretty much planning on completely digging out a huge portion near the cave base. Once we started digging, we came across more gold and diamond, along with stacks and stacks of coal.

One thing I noticed is that within the first forty minutes of playing, Tim and I discovered such an abundance of diamond and gold that it added up to be more than all the diamond and gold we found in the first nine days combined! Luck was on our side today. We continued to strip mine and dig in a crisscross pattern for a good while, dodging mountains of lava and finding more resources.

Soon enough Tim had to leave, so I took a quick break before heading back out. After the break I continued to strip mine for a while, but was coming up completely empty handed. After around twenty-five minutes of striking out, I climbed out of the tunnels to kill some cows and pigs for meat, and then I called it a night.

Quick Intermission: Erica Memory

I’m not proud to admit this, but I am not ashamed of it either. One day while playing Darkstalkers 3 against Erica, she whipped my butt and beat me seventeen times in a row! It was one of the most ridiculous trouncings I have ever received in a fighting game.

Erica's Monument-al Adventure: Day 13

I started today with Ryan joining me after him being away for a while. Because of his long absence, I had to show him around the newly constructed village. Within minutes of me showing Ryan around, we were attacked by seven Creepers and loads more of enemies. I tried my best to kite as many away as I could. Ryan ran straight into a group of Creepers and died heroically. He quickly respawned to fight once more! We eventually took them down, with minimal damage. After the fight, Ryan climbed the ladder to the top of my fortress and encountered a lone Creeper blowing up in his face. He survived, but my roof did not.

Once all this excitement subsided, I finally brought Ryan down to the new mine area and introduced him to the layout. We immediately found diamond on our first dig. Continuing around the corner, we ran into some Creepers. Ryan and I nimbly dodged these while they blew themselves up, which actually took down a stone wall that revealed some gold! Within seconds of that happening, a Creeper snuck up behind Ryan and blew him to high heaven.

After he respawned and made his way back down to the cave, we continued to dig and found a pretty nice cavern which contained a great amount of gold and iron ore. Ryan continued to die from enemies, nearing double digit deaths, but he was somehow able to not lose any resources he collected. We dug out the cavern some more and found more gold. Ryan ran this gold back up to the village, without actually dying, and then made it back to the cave base before we called it a night.

I’m still having some issues with this save/world. On top of that I’m missing a huge amount of the updates. I really hate to start over, but everything has been uncooperative, and it’s been stalling my progress. Some changes might be occurring next segment.

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