Triplets are here!!

My wife gave Birth to two boys and a girl Tuesday Afternoon via C-Section. They're all in the hospital still but should be coming home in the next week or two. I can't wait til they're out of the hospital and home keeping me up all night long. lol
They're all healthy and doing fine.

Maria, Matthew, Samuel



That's right, my wife and I are having triplets. Well, she's having them, I'm just here to rub her back and feet at night so she can sleep. It's going to be two Boys and a Girl to go along with the 2 year old you see in the above photo. We also found us a nice four bedroom house in Pittsburgh, CA. We're excited, freaked, and happy all at the same time.

This bit of news is all why I haven't been blogging these days. Been living in a bit of a daze not knowing what to type. lol

With my wife increasing in size almost daily, my nights are spent taking care of our son, bathing and getting him to bed, massaging her back and legs as she's in pain a lot, and all of this pretty much when I walk in the door from my hour long Bart Ride. It's rough, but at least I can get a bit of gaming in for now, all be it, at 10p-12a almost nightly. I figure I might as well get my time in now, as in a few months it will all go out the window. It's hard work but, in the end, it's all worth it.



If Only Madden Games Counted

Okay, so my Raider game against the Bills, in Madden 09 (PS3) went a bit differently than real life, but I put together some video evidence of the awesomeness that was the final minutes of the game.
Setting the stage, I was up 10-7 in the third when they scored a TD to go up 14-10. I suck up the clock into the fourth and go up 17-14. With a minute and a half left they go up 21-17 and sets up the final minute of the game.
Kick return to the 30yd line.
1st down, 1:13 left
1st Down, 1:06 left, no huddle, audible into a deep pass. Couldn't believe how wide open he was.
TD!! Raiders 24 Bills 21
Unfortunately I scored a bit too fast so there is still a 58seconds left on the clock.
Kickoff they get to the 24yd line.
1st down 52 seconds left. Unlike the real life Raiders, I run a weak side blitz
2nd down 31 seconds left this says it all.

Raiders Win!! I'm 3-0 in my Franchise, Real Life 1-2
Of Course the Madden version of DiAngelo Hall is a monster, real life Hall sucks hard.

As I said, if only Madden games counted. lol

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Will I play old games for trophies?

Hell yeah I will. I'm loving the implementation of Trophies and I look forward to when Burnout and Warhawk receive their Trophy patches. I'm playing through Uncharted again, right now. I really enjoy seeing the trophy received messagfe popup and I look forward to more games adopting trophies.

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Ah Internet

Got my internet back at home, and I am so happy. Still amazes me how it has taken over, mostly due to the community functions within our games systems now. Of course blogs such as these as well. lol
 Got back to my WiiFit training the last couple of days, here's the stats for today:

Steadiness Test

Single Leg Steadiness Test

Wii Fit Age


Haven't been really working out much with my crazy schedule over the last couple of weeks, but now I'll be able to get back into more of a routine. Feels good to be able to workout, hopefully I can get back down below 250 in the next week or two. Of Course this BBQ Burger I'm eating probably won't help anything. lol

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No internet is no fun

Note: (This is being typed up at work. ;))

 Now that I've been without internet, at home, for over two weeks I've come to realize just how much it has taken over my gaming habits.
Since I can't se what my friends are doing, on Live or PSN, I really have no desire to play anything. Even with the Wii, as limited as it may be, there's no desire to turn it on. I enjoyed things like checking the weather each morning after my Wii Fit session or even checking out the latest questions on the Everybody Votes Channel. Now it's all gone.
Well, as of tonight at 8PM it should be back up. Let me just say, for those in the San Francisco Bay Area, don't ever use Astound. Those guys are not cool, they didn't even check to see if setting up a full Cable, internet, and phone service would be possible at my location, before disconnecting our phone line and taking the number from AT&T. The worst part, still, was AT&T took 2 weeks to get the service back up and running. How screwed up is that? You can walk into any Cell Service Provider and have the Phone number changed from one Cell Phone to another in a matter of minutes. But to get a landline set back up and running it  takes two weeks? ugh, the whole thing has frustrated me to no ends, but has made me realize how much the internet has taken over my gaming life.
 Anyway, I was quite excited about the prospectg of having internet back this morning that I played a ton of NCAA Football 09 for PS3. I am truly loving the game and how more polished it is compared to last years. Campus Legend Mode is such a blast. So much so that it makes me not care all that much for the PSP version of the game as they don't have it in that version. On top of all the canned celebrations have been taken from the Madden Mini games from last year. So the PSP version will be going back to Gamefly and I'll continue to enjoy the PS3 version.
 Well, thanks for reading,( if anyone actually is, lol) and I'll post again soon.

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First Post!!

Woohoo!! First Blog post on Giant Bomb.
This is going to be great, great games are coming out this year and now we've got a great site to check out the latest info on said games. Thanks to the GiantBomb staff for putting this all together and for FREE!! You guys are awesome.
Now I need to finish my Frappucino, and go do some work. lol

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