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The smell must be bad after two hour in this room.

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@Subjugation: And why you respect my opinion? And why you disagree with it? Add something wtf

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@Bell_End: "If i didn't like it i just wouldn't listen to it."

Dumbest thing ever said, do you have other word of wisdom like that?

I don't hate it at 100%, thing seems much more simple in your head, black or white it is?

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E3 podcast are quite special and yes they very good even it they are 6+ on them.

I was thinking about an HAM radio podcast which they were only 3 on it I think, it was very good.

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J'aime the podcast with 3 or 4 people, they can get deeper into their subject and don't interrupt each other all the time. Do you think like me? Also the one who should be left behind is the one of your choice but for my they should do a rotation maybe or just left Patrick behind. He's the greatest person alive and just a notch below Jesus but he came from a different background from the other 4 and it shows.

Bonne journée

David Gaudreault

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English isn't my native tongue, did you have a bad day ThePickle and wainting (waiting and wanting together) to rage on something.

There is a lot of one sided comment on the giant bomb forum and disagreement can and should be tolerated.

Patrick isn't the most entertaining person on the podcast, he is the least in fact for me. Also he seems a little disconnected by his comments never getting the inside joke. If you are not his coworker or his personnal friend then you should not be insulted by those comments but please be if you like.

David G.


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He get on my nerve a lot.

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For me its the XNA

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That topic is for all former box, I know two now: Intellivision and Ryan Davis.

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