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Happy birthday, Scoops!

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all of video games are a lie

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...why do we all have to get so angry about this...those of you defending it, calm down and don't make accusatory statements. those of you fighting it, do the same. progress only comes when we stop freaking the fuck out about everything and have a civil discussion or two.

i wish internet forums and comments could actually serve as an effective means of discourse for debate, but places like this can't. i really really wish they could. personally, i think comments should be disabled on these sorts of articles...i'm glad patrick posted it and i don't think he said anything terribly inflammatory (excuse me if you don't agree). it was a little lame how he called that one guy out and didn't name the other guy (the "grow some fucking balls" guy), as he did it right with the second comment and not the first. that said, it shouldn't be such a big deal as anyone getting into comment wars is doing the same thing and after all we should be held accountable for our own words.

i'm rambling now, if anyone wants to talk to me they can send me a message or reply i guess. i wish we could be more civil.

(off topic: you should play LSD or Yume Nikki on a Spookin' with Scoops sometime. and keep doing what you're doing, i hope you don't let the inflammatory shit that gets lobbed at you too hard.)

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@Noct: did you really just quote the entire article

OT: 30 bucks means this'll hopefully be more fully featured...more good SR3 please!

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This made me feel so much better...I'm not that bad at fighting games in general (not good, but not awful...played a fair amount of SF/MK/UMVC3, stuff usually goes okay...except for maybe in UMVC3 that shit is hard) but Skullgirls is kicking the fuck out of me. Like...I don't know. All other fighting games I've played, I can beat the story on normal mode. I started with Filia, who I assumed to be Ryu-like (ie, relatively simple and easy character), and I lost the first match in her story 7 times in a row before giving up. This was after I had played through most of the tutorials and did some training to figure out a combo or two.

GAME IS FUCKING HARD! But I really like its art style, it feels pretty good to play, and I'd love to get better at it.

Haven't tried online yet, but...TIER 1 HERE I COME!

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I have to agree that the best moment so far was probably figuring out the language and the order in which it's written, specifically when I saw the two "the"s in the sentence lining up.

Although, it was also pretty great doing a New Game+ and translating the speech that the hypercube gives you at the beginning. If you haven't done that yet, you should, it's really amusing.

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@OfficerMeatbeef said:

@Game_Baron: @Game_Baron said:

That's odd. I mean, due to Super_Yan's twitter comments, it's like she can't handle that type of environment even though you see it in any e-sport. I disagree with Aris's arguments (well, let's face it; there isn't any), but Super_Yan should have stuck through and from what I've inferred from Patrick's article, she did not want to participate and did not use Balrog competitively. It contrasts her audition video and frankly her standing in the FGC.

With Aris, you're always going to have that one a-hole that makes anything bad for the sake of looking good; arrogant celebrities who let their opinions garner more attention.

You seem to be suggesting that this is something she should have to handle because it "happens in any e-sport" (and because she was foolishly born a woman), rather than, you know, considering that maybe the elements causing it to happen should be shown the fucking door immediately?! Hell, online anonymity is one thing but with fighting game events these people are RIGHT THERE NEXT TO YOU. It is shockingly easy to clear out assholes when they're actually there and you can just call them on their bullshit to their face.

This isn't the goddamn 50's anymore people; women shouldn't have to fucking "prove themselves" to be accepted in your goddamn events.

100% what I feel about all this. Equality is a right, not something that one needs to earn. She should be treated with respect just like men at the competition were. Anyone who says otherwise for any reason is a disgusting, chauvinistic, backasswards fool.

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I'd really appreciate it, I have:

  • Super Meat Boy, Audiosurf, & Cogs
  • -33% on one Valve title (x2), -50% on Orcs Must Die! (x1)
  • LOTS of TF2 crap. http://www.tf2items.com/id/anim3z0mbi3 Check it out!
  • The BIT.TRIP flag in Portal 2, and some misc. junk in Spiral Knights.

Thanks if you'd be willing to trade me! I have put over 500 hours into LoL by now and am DYING to get in on this DOTA 2 ACTION!!

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EDIT: upon reading this article, i feel bad for this guy. hope he finds some happiness with his new studio- it's got an amazing name, so that's a great start.

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strangely, this only makes me want to buy this BEFORE the price drop...so many good free games